AFC North Afternoon Roundup

AFC North Afternoon Roundup
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(clears throat)

I’m back.  For today, at least.  Been awhile since I’ve done this Roundup thing, so my grammer may be slightly effected.

Your favorite team (and your least-favorite, for that matter) is in the throes of training camp, and injuries have been widespread.  Many teams have already populated their respective PUP lists, and with loads of time before the season opener, further injuries are bound to happen.  Let’s just hope that nothing catastrophic happens, and that our respective clubs are at full strength when it matters most.

As for anyone outside the AFC North, well…you’re irrelevant.  Deal with it.  For those in our little Circle of Trust, enjoy today’s afternoon links.


Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens released their first depth chart today.

My Take:  Of particular note is the absence of rookie wideout Breshad Perriman, whose lingering injury could easily jeopardize what was expected to be a starting spot opposite the venerable Steve Smith Sr.  Other than the Perriman setback and the placement of safety Matt Elam on injured reserve, there are no surprises here, nor are there likely to be.  The Ravens roster is largely settled.


Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals have stayed relatively injury-free so far in camp.

My Take:  And they should hope it stays that way, although very few teams escape from camp unscathed.  As stated above, the hope is that any major injuries don’t include starring players.


Cleveland Browns

“Incumbent” quarterback Johnny Manziel is enjoying a distraction-free camp.

My Take:  The team is most likely ecstatic over the lack of media scrutiny, let alone Manziel, whose has shown marked improvement since last season’s disastrous offering.  While it’s a little early to speculate about his future, it’s good that he seems to be committed to improving himself on the field, rather than promoting himself off of it.


Pittsburgh Steelers

The Post-Gazette’s Ed Bouchette speculates about the Steelers’ strongest position.

My Take:  No offense, Ed, but to me, it starts and ends with the quarterback.  There may be a few active QBs that rank higher than Ben Roethlisberger, but few that are more suited to their teams’ nuances or that have more of an impact on the teams’ fortunes.


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