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AFC North Off Season Buzz

AFC North Off Season Buzz
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From NFL teammates on the field to helping out Flint off the field.

Baltimore Ravens
The Ravens 11 free agents will be discussed at a later date. In rare positive news out of Baltimore these days, current and former Ravens are helping the citizens of Flint, MI.


My Take: While politicians play the blame game (and you know how that works: keep going up the political leader chain until a republican finds somebody with a “D” next to their name, or a democrat finds somebody with an “R” next to theirs. For what it’s worth, my sources in DC close to the matter tell me the blame should be directed at the local level, tantamount to skipping oil changes in a car. Eventually skipping the $40 service will cost $1000s in auto damage. In this case, the ~$1M water “checkup” cost turned into hundreds of $1M), its good to see that athletes, church and other non-profit groups, and local business are acting instead of pointing fingers. There will be plenty of time to play the blame game AFTER the situation is solved.

Cleveland Browns

The Browns have their share of personnel issues with what seems like daily Manziel stories. The Armonty Bryant issue is another situation all together. Luckily the Browns will have plenty of cap space if they want to replace any and all of the players tied to drugs and alcohol, including Josh Gordon.


My Take: Just keep adding to the Manziel behavior list: party pictures, rolled up snorting bills, study habits, drunk after rehab, domestic abuse claims, and now he allegedly showed up to work drunk forcing the Browns to diffuse the situation with “un-truths”, possibly adding another blemish to the franchise’s recent record… just cut him already. The Bryant situation is concerning only because of the gun. Two NFL players with a total of two Oxycodones and one Adderall by itself would seem like nothing, especially in the professional athlete world. The gun wasn’t his, and he wasn’t the one speeding. They can make something of this if they really want to, but they have bigger issues to address. The good news for Browns fans is that the team has plenty to spend, they have a high draft pick (no pun intended), and losing Manziel and/or Bryant won’t make the team worse even if they don’t replace them. In Manziel’s case, it likely will make the team better.


Cincinnati Bengals


ESPN Ocho? If you tuned into ESPN at all during the last 24 hours, you likely caught a Chad Johnson interview or two or three.

My Take: It was obvious to all that he was using this platform as an infomercial to plead for a larger role at ESPN (or any other network for that matter) to the point where it was bordering on uncomfortable. What was more uncomfortable? Knowing that he soaked his feet in the urine of others. Good luck Chad. Many former NFL players hired by ESPN and others have jobs solely because of their name, the team/region they represented, or because they know the right people. I think you could add a little more personality than most of those on air athletes. I’m sure everyone could list a few.

Pittsburgh Steelers
I don’t understand why former athletes have to make negative comment on potential hall of famers, but Lynn Swann added his opinion for some unknown reason.


My Take: My first recollection if this trend was when arguably the best running back of all-time Jim Brown publicly criticized Franco Harris about his ability, and actually threatened to return to the league if Harris broke his record for most yards rushing. In Swann’s case, it baffles me why he would question Johnson’s HoF credentials because of his claims that he didn’t make his team better. First he played for THE LIONS, and second, take a look at the list of quarterbacks, running backs, and wide receivers he played alongside. I wonder if Swann would confront Dick Butkus or other players in the HoF who weren’t blessed enough to play alongside a team full of all-pros. Even in his 70’s, I’ll bet Dick is intimidating.


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