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AFCE Teams (Patriots-Jets)……One Move

AFCE Teams (Patriots-Jets)……One Move
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The beginning of the 2017 season is getting closer and closer. Each one of our teams will be making numerous cuts, lose some free agents, and sign others. Below is my pick as a “must” move for each team, just one move……And remember, its just my opinion, don’t let it hurt your feelings. Today we explore the Patriots and the Jets.
New England Patriots
The Super Bowl champs, the “All Mighty Ones”, the Kings, have off season business just like the rest of us. Not sure what they can do to come back to our level, but let’s hope they do it.
As much as I’m sure everyone figured Tyrod and Mario are no brainers, I think the Patriots decision to keep Hightower is even easier to make.
Dont’a Hightower has been the heart and soul of this defense. The team has had bust DL draftees on a regular basis, traded away Chandler Jones and Jamie Collins. They have put together a huge amount of CAP space, yes there are many free agents of value, but none are bigger than Dont’a. The Patriots will pay, because this kid is no dummy and he realizes that his value will never be bigger, but a deal needs to be made. Hightowers in the draft, especially ones that fit this D, they will not be easy to find.
Dont’a deserves a similar contract as Jamie Collins got, basically 50M for 4, with 35-40 guaranteed. I think the Pats can resign him with that offer, if he hits the open market, many teams, especially the one in Cleveland, the same one that Jamie calls home, they will come knocking with a lot more money.
Dont’a Hightower is a”must” keep!

New York Jets
The AFCE bottom dwellers have so many moves to make. You don’t have the year they just had, and then claim you are one or two players away. Time to clean the house, remove the old sofa, throw out the old dishes, yes, I’m talking Darelle Revis.
Revis has leveraged the Jets so often, that he should basically play for free in 2017, if he was really in love with the uniform, he’s not. The man may go down as one of the best 3-4 ever, but, the NFL is about what have you done for me lately, and the answer is simple, not a whole lot. Revis was built to play on Rex Ryan and Todd Bowles type of defenses; where a CB is on a man to man coverage and has to rely on his talent and athleticism. A huge amount of trust is placed on that CB,  but Revis no longer can shut anyone down. He’s not even a #1 CB!
The funny talk I hear and read is about him switching to Free Safety. Are you kidding me? His style is not suited for that open field type of coverage. Even when Revis was on top of his game, playing zone was not his deal, and covering a slot receiver that used the entire field was like asking him to kill his mother. Revis has always been a one way CB, and just like a one way WR, when you can no longer go straight up and down the line effectively, you are done. My other issue with keeping him is his leadership qualities, or lack thereof. The one thing he has always made clear to every HC, he is not interested in being a locker room leader. This has been ok in the past, because he basically eliminated one side of the opponents attack, now, he’s an old dude who should be leading.
Revis is due to make $15.33M, he simply is no longer worth that. If the Jets do cut him before he gets a 2.33M bonus on March 11th, he will save them 9.33M, with a 6M CAP hit, but none after 2017. It’s a no brainer, because he is greedy and not in love with the colors. Send him back to Pittsburgh!
Darelle Revis. is a”must” dump!

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