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AFCE week 2 recap

AFCE week 2 recap
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Two weeks are in the books, two of the four games Tom Brady was to miss. Our teams had visions of a collapse that would give one of the hopefuls an opportunity to unseat Belichick’s team. Two weeks in, same ol same ol, as the Patriots are undefeated and the Jets with enough life to be in second place.
The TNF game had a little of everything, and a lot of offense. Most expected a low scoring affair, but turnovers, long homers, total control, resulted in 68 points being scored. At the end of it, the Jets were victorious, ant Bills OC lost his job.
The Jets totally dominated the game on both sides of the ball. The Bills record 21 points of the 31 on three plays, one defensive, the other two Tyrod connecting deep for long touchdowns.
Instead of dwelling at went wrong on both teams, lets remain positive and discuss what went right:

  1. Tyrod Taylor may have the prettiest long ball in the league, it is just hard to live by it on a regular basis.
  2. The Jets have weapons to spare everywhere. The emergence of Enunwa and the arrival of Jalin Marshall, have created a deep passing attack. Forte and back up Powell can both run and join in on the passing fun.

Two weeks straight, against two good defenses, the Jets offense has controlled the opponent for most of the game. They are still leaving too many points on the field, but this team can ball with anyone. Jets will prove to be a tough out against better opponents.
The Dolphins walked into Foxboro with dreams of an upset, on the heels of a well played game in Seattle. Those dreams were squashed rather quickly by a very accurate Jimmy Garoppolo. Down 21-0, many of the problems we have seen the Fins display in the past, all came back at once.
Blount looked like Walter Payton, and the WRs had nobody on them. The pass rush was ok, but Jimmy would quickly step up and buy more time. Even when Kiko finally got to him, he wasn’t able to sack him. The Dolphins defensively are a real bad football team with no quality depth.
Once Jimmy left the game and the Patriots decided to basically act like he wasn’t even there, the Dolphins went into the weekly catch-up mode. This is when Tannehill usually accumulates yards, TDs, and some INTs in between.
Devante Parker decided that yesterday was the day he would make his rare appearance. But this team has no weapons outside of Landry, and Parker right now has a name, but so did Stephen Hill.
It will be very hard for the Patriots to beat the Texans on a short week, with their third string QB.
As for the Dolphins, they get a gift from the schedule makers, as the Cleveland Browns help open The Hard Rock. But, would you bet money they can win the game?
It is very hard to write anything positive about a team who’s fanbase has been hoping beyond hope that Tom Brady would retire, so that they can show the world that the Dolphins are back! Well, not only did they lose to the back up, they also lost to the back to back up…….The Dolphins have depleted the organization of a lot of talent in favor of a few big names. When an organization allows young talented draft picks to walk, in favor of older free agents, bad things will always happen.

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