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The Aftermath! Jets needs on Draft Day

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Luciano 11

The Aftermath! Jets needs on Draft Day
Luciano 11
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The off-season for the NY Jets began with a complete house cleaning, a year later than it should have been made. Gone is “everyone” except the owner. AT this point I doubt the towel boys kept their job, and I like it!

The newly formed duo of MM (Mike Maccagnan) and TB (Todd Bowles) were faced with the same dilemma you are faced with after a tornado hits your home (I have experience in this). They quickly went to work….

The following moves have been made since:

1.   Signed DE Kerry Hyder to a future contract
2.   Signed CB Curtis Brown
3.   Retained Calvin Pace and Jason Babin
4.   Declined the option on Chris Johnson
5.   Signed DE Ronald Talley
6.   Re-signed LB David Harris
7.   Tendered contract offer to NT Damon Harrison
8.   Released WR Percy Harvin
9.   Agreed to terms with CB Darrelle Revis
10. Signed G James Carpenter.
11. Re-signed G Willie Colon to a one-year contract
12. Re-signed LS Tanner Purdum to a two-year contract
13. Signed OL James Brewer to a one-year contract
14. Agreed to terms with DT Kevin Vickerson on a one-year contract
15. Signed DE Stephen Bowen
16. Signed DE Kevin Vickerson
17. Signed OT Corey Hilliard
18. Signed TE Kellen Davis
19. Traded for WR Brandon Marshall
20. Signed CB Antonio Cromartie
21. Signed CB Marcus Gilchrest
22. Signed CB Buster Skrine
23. Traded for QB Ryan Fitzpatrick
24. Tendered contract offer to S Jaiquawn Jarrett

I would have to say that the two have been quite busy so far. There was a huge need at CB, that need is gone! Fitz doesn’t resolve the need for a QB, but unlike Vick, he can at least be counted on. A lot of moves have been made to add experienced veteran depth, unlike last year when our depth consisted of first or second year unknowns, especially at CB and OL.

Let’s look at the upcoming draft and see what the Jets need to add.

The areas of clear needs for the Jets are:

➠ QB (one to develop would be nice). Ryan Fitzpatrick can teach-coach-bring-along Geno and a new guy.

➠ A speedster at RB, even if we do have youngster Daryl Richardson. Richardson has shown flashes, and he maybe the answer now that he no longer has CJ in front of him.

➠ Pass-rushing OLB, since Babin and Pace are nothing more than hold-down-the-fort guys at this point in their careers.

The needs have decreased after the frenzy called Free Agency, but obviously this team still has work to do. These guys have to gel and become a team. The Jets are clearly on the way back, and the right path.

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