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Call of the Saddened Loon

Call of the Saddened Loon
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I am sooooo sorry but right here in the middle of the afcenews first monthly donation week (August 24 – 31) I’m forced to print a correction/retraction. In my earlier post on fundraising for the site     http://www.afcenews.com/call-of-the-loon    I spoke of my desire to have an audio of a Loon call play on everyone’s speakers when I posted an entry to the blogs. I was under the impression with $10.000 in donations this might happen and asked for your help.

I have since found out I was the Victim of Sarcasm. When told maybe it could happen for $10,000 it wasn’t true at all. It really meant I could get the audio for $10,000, or when hell freezes over, or when Tom Brady retires, in other words it will never happen. Don’t be discouraged for me and I’ll see to it any recent donations over $500 will be returned. I’ll simply have to set my sights on a reward of less substance. Perhaps a bundle of marsh reeds for a new nest that Mrs. Loon and the chicks badly need.

In the meantime many thanks to you for the donations already received this week!  The donations help offset the very real expenses of keeping the site up and running.  Hopefully the members can cover the expenses and show Surge we appreciate the time he puts in here.

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