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Final Countdown: Bills Edition

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Final Countdown: Bills Edition
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Bills are in a position where after an aggressive offseason and quality drafting the past few years, a lot of the positions are locked up and some guys that get drafted might not even be on the roster. This could be a situation where the Bills get aggressive and might trade up into the 3rd or even 4th to get better guys.

2nd) Clive Walford TE from Da U

Greg Roman loves multiple TE sets. Bills right now have one premier TE in Big Play Clay who in this offense will be moved across the field, causing mismatches everywhere. What the Bills lack is that traditional in-line TE who is a solid in the blocking department. Clive fits the bill as he has improved each year as a blocker and his senior year he was a big reason The Duke had such a great year. As a reveiver Clive is very solid in the seam routes and the out routes as he is able to use his deceptive speed and quick cuts to get open. With the Bills I expect him to be a key contributor right away as his blocking ability will be useful in a run heavy offense. In the passing game, he will be particularly valuable in the middle of the field where he provides a clear mismatch against the linebackers. Two TE sets are all the rage these days and a duo of Clay and Clive will be hard for defenses to stop.

3rd) Daryl Williams OL from Oklahoma

Offensive line was a particular problem the last two years and while a big part of that was due to Doug Marrone, they also suffered from lack of talent and raw talent. Williams was a multi-year starter at Oklahoma and at 6’5 330 he is a big, physical guy which is what Greg Roman looks for. Very solid as a run blocker, he is a good fit as a RT or move inside as guard. With the Bills having their tackle positions locked up between Glenn, Henderson and Cyrus The Virus, I expect Williams to be an immediate starter at the guard positions Incognito doesn’t start at. With the Bills needing a very solid offensive line to help the run game and to protect their QB, Williams would be a good choice.

Bills trade their 5th and 1st 6th to the Dallas Cowboys for the #127 pick

4th) Tony Lippett CB from Michigan State

Lippett is intriguing, he played WR mainly in college but at times moved over to CB where he played quite well. With the Bills probably cutting McKelvin in 2016 to help pay for their big name guys, Bills could use a guy who might not be ready day one but should be in 2016. His rookie year Lippett would be a reserve CB and WR depending on the need as right now the Bills are set at those two positions. With the “redshirt” year, Lippett would be ready in 2016 to be the starting CB opposite Gilmore.

6th) Darius Kilgo DT from Maryland

Bills lack a true nose tackle and Darius is that. He is a very good run defender as his size and strength allow him to take up blockers and let other guys get to the back. I don’t see Darius ever being a three down guy,  but with the Bills having two very good pass rushing DTs in Kyle and Dareus, there is not much a need for one.

7th) Chaz Green OL from That School Muschamp used to Coach At

Bills get a project player in the 7th who might one day be a starter but probably not. Green when healthy was a decent lineman and he has the traits to be a full time tackle. However injuries have hurt him and he suffers from being raw. This is a good choice for the practice squad and with a redshirt might be good in 2016.

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