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Ok, I’ve taken out the slide rule and protractor and think I have all the possibilities on where the AFCE teams can finish up:

BUFFALO BILLS – If the Bills lose against New England this Sunday nobody can stop them from maintaining sole possession of last place in the AFCE and the best draft pick in the division.  The only way Buffalo can sneak up to third place is to beat the Patriots and have the Dolphins beat the Jets which would give the Bills third place on the division record tiebreaker.  This would also probably get Rex booted out the door if that is not already in the works.

NEW YORK JETS – If the Jets beat Miami they will catapult into second place in the AFCE by virtue of a better division record than the fins.  If they lose to the Dolphins and New England wins they get third.  If they lose to Miami and Buffalo wins the end up in the cellar of the AFCE

MIAMI DOLPHINS – If the Dolphins win they get second place in the AFCE.  More importantly, if Miami wins and the Ravens lose OR if Miami wins and the Ravens AND the Chargers win, the Dolphins clinch the 2nd Wild Card Spot.  If the Dolphins lose to the Jets they are out of the playoffs and New York gets second place in the division and a .500 record which may save Rex’s job.

NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS – Already clinched first place in the division and a home playoff game.  If they beat Buffalo the Patriots are guaranteed a bye and finish with the second seed if the Broncos beat the Raiders and the first seed if Denver loses to Oakland (fat chance).  If the Patriots lose to the Bills they get the second seed if both Cincy and Indy lose the third seed if one of them wins and the fourth seed if the both win.

As you can see it is all quite simple.

by Northshorepsbc

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