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My Annual Crystal Ball Predictions

My Annual Crystal Ball Predictions
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Another football season, another year! And many of us are still here!!!! How amazing is that!!!


This division has been mediocre at best for so long, even if one of our teams keeps winning SBs. The rest of us have sucked!!! I see great things ahead, and times are changing!

A year ago, when I wrote this, I told you how I felt that in two years (so next season. I mean if not this year then next!) Jets and or Bills will be owning it and taking it away from the Patriots…..I stay firmly behind that! Both teams have moved almost parallel, yet they have one major difference. The Dolphins are on road back, but that road has a few bumps still to overcome.

Let’s get down to business…….


New England Patriots

Yea, they have this for one more season, I don’t see any of our teams ready to overcome them, but the bubble is starting to deflate, and the patchworks made yearly by BB will be harder and harder to make sense as Tom fights mother nature!….Gronk already has!


The Pats have drafted another WR, and I’m here to predict another bust! (and I wrote this before he was sent to IR). This is not an area in which the best dynasty ever in football has actually done well in. The strength of this team on O has been RBs last few years, and Tom only when needed. That trend continues!!!! Because Tom just cannot take the beatings anymore, he is now a system QB that hands it off and does his thing at times. The D is never that great, but always good enough, as if there is an area BB is a genius in, its D. This year will be no different, especially since they play 6 games against inept teams!


I think the Pats win this division but will not be in the SB!………..12.4


New York Jets

Yes, I am picking Jets to finish second!!!


The Jets have made so many changes since last year! But there is one constant, Darnold is still here and keeps improving daily (I know haters will not agree, but it’s very obvious now). He was given more weapons, the biggest of which is not really Le’Veon Bell, but what will be Sam’s biggest target weekly, Jamison Crowder. If Crowder remains healthy, in Gase’s offense he will be the biggest weapon. His speed will torment Ds. Bell, even if not the Bell of past years, will add a dimension that has been missing, and it can really help Sam’s development. My concern remains Gase, in the hope that working with a young kid brings out the best in the “QB Whisperer”. I want to believe that Gase was held back by RT17….God I hope so!


Defensively this team has improved even more than offensively. The Browns will learn that they’re emergence last year had a lot to do with the new Jets DC. Quinnen will become a beast!!


The Jets will finish on the edge of a WC birth (close in or out) with a……….9-7


Buffalo Bills

Bills and Jets are very similar, Bills better D, Jets better O, but so similar!!!


The Bills have a D that can take them far, however, the O will continue to be among the worst in the NFL. The OL improved dramatically, but the man behind center, not sure one year is enough for him to get it! Allen is a rare specimen, one that needed to sit behind someone for a couple of years and learn. He has a huge arm with no touch to it. His pocket awareness is not yet NFL ready, which is why he runs for his life so much. Releasing McCoy was no surprise, as this team needs to be young, not sure how Gore fits in, but hey, why not!


Like I said, the strength of this team is their D, it will keep Bills in many games especially early on, but eventually the ineptness on O will take its toll.


The Bills will have a good season and finish at ………8-8


Miami Dolphins

Oh boy!


It’s very hard to understand why you hire a new unproven HC just to make him your goat! This tanking has been planned since end of last year, but it’s usually easier to tank with HC you no longer want. New HC is not going to try to lose games. The team gutting has accumulated some good draft picks, but I would have kept Tunsil. LT that good don’t come by easy, and even two #1s may not replace him. Dolphins are tanking to get some dream boat QB that may or may or not pan out. Yea I remember the Suck for Luck Campaign well, it turned out to be Ryan Tannehill.


The Dolphins will struggle in many games, but will win 3……….3-13


This week’s prediction will be in our Game Day page, but I will make them here every week. Feel free to make fun of my predictions!!!



Hooded’d annual Predictions sheet is up and ready: Click here

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