New York Jets: They Never Learn


New York Jets: They Never Learn
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The New York Jets fired their head coach Todd Bowles finally and started what they called an extensive head coaching search, looking far and wide to get someone who will end up being the coach who makes Sam Darnold great again. After being rejected by Ryan Gosling, they ignored the obvious choices (Mike Tomlin) and went with a retread who makes Rex Ryan look like Bill Walsh.


Adam Gase was the Head Coach for the Miami Dolphins the past three years and finished 23-25. The QB Quru who was going to make the passing game awesome had the 31st ranked passing attack this year, the 18th ranked passing attack last year and the 26th ranked passing attack in 2016. Gase was supposed to fix Ryan Tannehill and all he did was make him miss his first games ever as a pro where before he was an Ironman. The passing game for the Dolphins was very backwards and even with high priced weapons, teams did not fear the passing game. The run game wasn’t much better and with a lot of talent, Gase could do nothing to make the Dolphins the great offense he promised.


The Jets were a desired place as they had a bunch of cap room and had an up and coming QB who had a lot of potential. Of the jobs available, it was the 4th best job in regards to QBs and the only negatives were a GM who might get fired in a year or so and they were in the same division as Tom Brady and Josh Allen.  It was a desirable job however the meddling of the GM kept coaches away. They tried to interview every college coach possible and many of them declining with the candidate most likely to say yes turned it down because the GM wanted to pick the coaching staff (since GMs know how to coach). They even were turned down  by Ryan Gosling who decided to go to a team whose GM is getting fired in May was more desirable.  Mike Maccagnan was a terrible GM who failed in building a roster and that stench kept top candidates away and made them settle for Adam Gase. He should have been fired with Bowles but for some reason the ownership wanted to give him one last shot of making the Jets an even bigger laughinstock.


In conclusion, the Jets might get the 1st year HC bump and make the playoffs this year. They might use that 4th place schedule to sneak into the playoffs and get blown out by the Houston Texans in the 1st round. However, Gase will make Darnold regress to Geno Smith  bad and the Jets will consistently finish 3rd in the East year after year. The only bright spot is they are not the biggest joke in the division, that is the Miami Dolphins.


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