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The Sideline Report Dynasty League Recap

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S/R Staff

The Sideline Report Dynasty League Recap
S/R Staff
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CJ/EJ vs Finfan
I officially have begun tanking for the #1 overall pick in the rookie draft. My team has a fantastic couple of wide receivers and a bunch of underperforming schlubs everywhere else. Projected to win by 20+, I could barely even keep it competitive with huge performances from Julio Jones and Randall Cobb. I once again left game winning points on the bench, buckets of them. Finfan’s team turned in a solid performance despite a goose egg from Vernon David.

Final score, 153.36 to 139.10
Hooded vs NikVoodoo
Somehow, despite a huge number of injuries, Nik is now 2-1 and put a beat down on Hooded in Week 3. Larry Fitzgerald went off again and Rishard Matthews, Cam Newton, and ODB put up the majority of his point. Hooded fought valiantly, but despite a huge day from AJ Green and DeAndre Hopkins, he could not keep up. That 0 from Eifert must have hurt him personally and in the game.

Final score, 170.00 to 147.64
Archer vs Luciano
Luciano extends his winning streak to three with a convincing win over Archer. Luciano put together a solid performance across the board with 7 of 10 players racking up double digit points and getting a huge boost from the Arizona defense. The resurgence of Greg Olsen and Andrew Luck remember how to throw footballs was not enough to get Archer over .500. Starting Chris Ivory over Legarette Blount cost him big points and the win.

Final score, 157.78 to 132.80
Vinny vs Iyced
Looks like that high water mark Luciano set didn’t last as long as I expected. Vinny put a smack down on Iyced in Week 3, getting huge points from Aaron Rodgers, Devonte Freeman, and Amari Cooper. Even with Marshawn Lynch sidelined much of the game, this team just dominated the opposition. Iyced had the monster outing from Steve Smith, but it was nowhere near enough.

Final score, 193.92 to 136.60
Nossorc vs Link
Upset alert! Link gets his first win of the season (firmly planting me in 10th place) thanks to big days from T-Mobile, Percy Harvin, and the Buffalo defense! Even with Roddy White not registering a catch, the rest of the team was solid across the board. Nossorc’s team looked like one of mine, full of players who should have had good days, but just didn’t produce with a few of standout performances.

Final score, 157.48 to 121.52

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