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Sideline Report Fantasy Leagues-wk 2

Sideline Report Fantasy Leagues-wk 2
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We have members playing Fantasy Football in two different leagues.

The first is the Dynasty League that includes 10 of us. Each player can keep their roster (22 expanded to 26 in the off-season) yearly, with a rookie draft held every May.

The second one, we call it D League (because of the grades most players get), and it also includes some of the same players from dynasty. This league is a yearly re-draft.



Dynasty League Players……Defending Champ Belichick Yo’self:

Evil Corp: the hooded genius

Tyrod’s Taylor: CJ

Down With ODB: Nikvoodoo

Who Wants a Mustache Ride: SlickVinny

Bison with a Dyson: Link

FSociety: Archer

DireWolves: Luciano

Keenan & Kelce: FinFan

Dud’s Studs: DudTheStud66

Belichick Yo’self: Nossorc




This week’s results




D-League Players……..Defending Champ Dud’s Studs:

Evil Corp: the hooded genius

Tyrod’s Taylor: CJ

White Walkers: Nikvoodoo

Smoking Jay’s: cgc

I Like Big TDs: Mars

You give me gase: Cacalle

Odell is a kHunt: Luciano


Dud’s Studs: DudTheStud66

Liquor Box: Nossorc

BnB’s CTE Aspirantss: BadNewsBengal

Gronk’nInABrownCarr: TheAntiNoss


This week’s results and standings


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