Slick’s Week 11 Overreactions

Slick’s Week 11 Overreactions
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Week 11 Overreactions

Good morning. It was a pretty slow weekend in the AFC East, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t have high drama. Three teams played, one team didn’t, here we go:

The Jets won leading into their bye week, so as a treat we decided to tether them up in the yard to get some exercise. Come on boys, there’s still six games left for you guys to screw up your draft position.

The Weekend was slow because the Bills and Fins decided to do battle in the days leading up to the weekend…So in second to last place in the division this week, we have the LOSER of the game; the Buffalo Bills. The Bills were treated by the schedule makers to a pre-Thanksgiving trip to Miami. Unfortunately for their fans and their playoff hopes, no one told them that this was not a vacation, but rather a business trip. This lack of communication found the Bills on the SunLife Stadium turf, half drunk and sun burned from the moving party at Lebron’s house. One positive from the evening though; Brandon Spikes didn’t get caught taking that Ming Vase home åas a souvenir. Maybe he can sell it and use the proceeds to buy a heart. As for the “game” that the Bills played, well the first half wasn’t the worst, they even went into the half with a slight 6-3 lead, then the second half happened and the Bills performed like, well the Bills. Sorry Buffalo, this wasn’t your year, but next year definitely will be.

Next up we find that team of precocious marine mammals that dragged the hopes and dreams of the Bills Mafia down to the bottom of Biscayne Bay and held them there until they gave their final shudder. The Tanny and Sons Moving Company has the North Korean lube mills working double time just trying to fill all of the advance orders for blowhole treatments. The Tan Man decided that working for two full halves was beneath him and so he took the first off, only to roll out in the second half with only a kicker in tow, but managed to thrash the Bills anyway. I have to give the Fins’ offensive line a three clap for the performance they put together against one of the league’s best defensive fronts. Once again the Fins have themselves set up to make an appearance as the final wild card team in the AFC and with any luck they won’t do a repeat of last season and choke on a chicken bone down the stretch. The Fins chances of winning the division still reside around 2%, but you never know…

And that means the New England Patriots’ odds of winning the division stand at about 98%. The Pats are incredibly balanced and this week they were 3 point underdogs. I saw that and laughed. I even told my mother that if I were a gambling man I’d have bet the house on that one. Last night the Pats were Ritchie Incognito and the Colts were Jon Martin. When Jonas Gray (who was incidentally cut by the Dolphins once) racks up an easy 199 yards and becomes the first player since 1921 to score his first four professional touchdowns all in one game, your offensive line is working well and it’s going to be hard for some other team to beat them. Rob Gronkowski is hands down the best football player in the NFL right now and it’s pretty hard to make a case for anyone else to even be close. Oh yeah, Easley was pretty good last night, if Bill can get an oft-injured Gator to be a good player, then the Pats aren’t going to lose and 22 is a possibility.


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