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The Josh Allen Report

The Josh Allen Report
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Another week, another nail-biting win for the Josh Allen-led Bills.
The Good: There was a lot of good to see from Josh Allen in this game. His passes were generally accurate, on time, and put in places where only the receiver could make a play on the ball. Sure, on his first TD pass Lee Smith was wide open, but he still lofted up a nice touch pass over a defender. His game winner to THE DUKE was also quite good, a quick read and delivery to a receiver with a step on his defender. His day could have been even better if not for a few drops by the rookie tight ends Tommy Sweeney and Dawson “Juggerknox” Knox. He also ran intelligently and picked up the first down that iced the game, too.
The Bad: There is really not much to put in the bad category. Allen threw it away (mostly) when he had to, he actually slid on a few scrambles. He did take a couple hard shots that could have been avoided, but it was a step in the right direction after leaving the game last week thanks to a cheap shot from some scrub Patriots DB.
The Ugly: Yet another bad INT thrown into double coverage. In fact, I’m fairly sure Allen never even saw Byard in coverage before throwing that INT. It was the only really bad decision made in an otherwise efficient and effective day at quarterback against a stout defense.
On an unrelated note:
The Bills run game got shut down most of the day, but when the game was on the line in a 4 minute drill and the OL was down a few starters, they delivered a series of punishing, clock-grinding runs.
How big of a pickup was John Brown? I bet at least half of his catches this year have gone for first downs.
The Bills defense is 100% nasty. We’re going to end up kicking ourselves for throwing away that game against the Patriots

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