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What I learned this week…4

What I learned this week…4
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Where do we start?

  1. The NY Jets where right in not wanting to pay Ryan Fitzpatrick
  2. Life without Tom will indeed suck!
  3. Life with Fitz sucks! … as do the Jets
  4. Rex is above all fans and their desires
  5. The Dolphins? who? Those uniforms had to be the ugliest crap I have ever seen on a football field
  6. The Bills are legit! When their fans give up
  7. The Panthers are back to being…..the Panthers
  8. Colts and Jags have very bad coaches
  9. Ain’t no smoke in Brisket
  10. FSU does suck!
  11. Fitzpatrick is still throwing INTs
  12. Wentz and Fuller are the two best offensive rookies so far….therefore draft picks in FF are useless
  13. Enunwa will become very special
  14. Calvin Pryor needs a haircut and learn the game
  15. Browns keep fighting, they will win games that they are not supposed to
  16. Brisket, Biscuit, Brissett, or whatever you want to call him, needs to be forgotten
  17. AFCE sucks, right now, I would rank bills first! TRex!
  18. Football in Florida should only be played by high schoolers and collegians
  19. Watching college football and golf on tv, has to rank with the debates and my grass growth….in the fall!
  20. Jameis Winston is still learning the game
  21. I wonder if would be called a racist because I like Wentz year 1 over Winston’s
  22. Arizona Cardinals way overrated
  23. Bills can be 5-2 and Rex would be the hero
  24. Can Newton will not be a QB for a very long time
  25. Steelers with Le’Veon are for real!
  26. Saints and Chargers very similar teams
  27. Can Tom play defense?
  28. After a frustrating Sunday, 2 hours on a treadmill is real good for your mental stability
  29. This is the Rex that made a lot of fans fall for his ways, he can motivate a team like few can, just can’t sustain it
  30. Within 3 weeks, Bills be atop the AFCE

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