2023 Week 3 Overreactions

2023 Week 3 Overreactions
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Well hello there friends. Life has been a bit busy over the past few months so my attention to football has been minimal, but I’ve watched enough to get by for an internet article (I mean it will be as informative as anything Greg Bedard or Nick Wright puts out…). So, without further ado, let’s get right into our first entry of the season.

Last place. The New Jersey Jets. The Jets aren’t really a bad team, they just happen to now be led by possibly the worst Quarterback to ever put on an NFL uniform (and I know I didn’t write anything after week 1, but anyone who didn’t see that coming just hasn’t paid attention to the Jets over the last 45 years). The Jets tried, but the Morman Mahomes is just so bad that there is really nothing they can do. Rumor has it that Rodgers is in communication with Wilson and trying to teach him, but I’m not sure sending messages via carrier pigeon from a dark hut in Bali is going to have much effect. Other than the QB, the Jets are an impressive team, I mean the running game leaves a bit to be desired and Garret Wilson may murder Zach if he throws the ball into the ground when there are four wide open receivers again, but hey, that might actually help the team. Poor Jets, looks like just another day in Jersey. Now to the “winners”

Second to last place, the Pats. Bill Belichick and his Band of Mild Talent made their way to New Jersey and looked like an average football team for about a quarter and a half. Then Bill took control of the gameplan and everything went to shit. Belichick continued to showcase just how far the game has passed him by and apparently instructed his team to do everything in their power to lose the game. But alas, the Jets were the opponent and nothing they could do would bring defeat. There is really nothing positive to say about this team through three weeks, they are poorly coached, they continue to shoot themselves in the feet and even when faced with an inferior opponent, they lack the talent to take advantage. I guess the only silver lining for this team is that they get the Jets once more and get to play the Broncos, so they should be able to squeak three wins out of the season. I am however wondering how all those Pats fans who said I was stupid for wanting to move on from Belichick are thinking…?

And now the real winners of the week.

Second place this week goes to the Bills. The start hasn’t been as smooth as Bills fans may have wanted, but those things come with Josh Allen. And the Washington Footballing Commanders were the perfect medicine to get right on. The Bills’ defense was dominant, sacking former Golden Boy Sam Howell nine (9) times on Sunday and picking him off four times (returning one for a TD). The offense was very good. Josh Allen is still turning the ball over and playing a relatively mediocre version of a modern QB, but things looked a lot better this time around. If the defense can keep it up, they have a chance to hold the Fins to under 40 and quite possibly win the game on Sunday.

And in first place, the Dolphins. Not really a surprise when you put up 70 points, even if your opponent clearly quit and was just trying to go back to the club. Even without their 2 nd best offensive weapon on the field, the Fins took it upon themselves to make Sean Peyton look like just another washed up old coach (I for one never thought he was anything special, but hey, I’ve been right before…). I was watching the score roll by every few minutes and would update my son (he likes the Broncos because his cousins live in CO…), at first he was like “OK, they have a chance,” then by halftime, he learned a hard lesson that every football fan must learn at some point; Sometimes your team just sucks. But back to the Fins. I think the “Tua is the same guy as Mac Jones” debates should be just about wrapped up now and I for one have been impressed by what he’s been able to do. Yes, he’s surrounded by a track team (this is how I always built my Madden franchises, so I approve whole heartedly), but he’s been able to get the ball to those fast guys and let them do their thing. As of now, I’d say the Fins are the clear favorite to come out of the AFC. (Now if only Tyreek Hill would fuck with the wrong guy in Miami and get killed, I would be ok with the Fins reaching the Super Bowl.)

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