A look at the NFL Playoffs

Luciano 11

A look at the NFL Playoffs
Luciano 11
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The season is over! Seventeen weeks later the new season begins, the reason why you even bother playing all that time, the playoffs.


20 teams are home and done, while for 12 the journey begins now. This journey can have you on the edge of your seat and celebrate like you never have before. Or you could end up with a heart attack because your team lost the “lose-you’re-out” tournament.




In my opinion, the top three teams in the league, are all in the NFC: Carolina, Arizona and Seattle. One of these teams will be in the Super Bowl, and it should be the overwhelming favorite to win it all. But, lets not rush to conclusions juts yet, long road ahead.


Wildcard Round  (Sunday)


Seattle @ Minnesota: 1:05 PM on  NBC @ CF Bank Stadium, Minneapolis

Vikings have had a tremendous season, especially with a second year QB, but I think this is the end of the road. This time of year usually belongs to Seattle and their defense.


Green Bay @ Washington: 3:40 PM on FOX @FedEx Field, Landover

Redskins in the playoffs after numerous seasons of turmoil and juggling at the QB position. Cousins emerged as the franchise QB of now and the future. Packers are not the team we all expected, they have a lot of disconnect on offense. I think the road ends in Landover for Rodgers and company.


Waiting for the winners


#1 seed Carolina will play the lowest seed winner (IMO Washington)

#2 seed Arizona will play the other winner (IMO Seattle)




Many teams have tried to emerge as the front runner, but none have been able to hold on to it. In my opinion on the road to the Super Bowl, any of the six teams are capable of going the distance.


Wildcard Round  (Saturday)


Kansas City @ Houston: 3:20 pm 3:20 PM on ABC @ NRG Stadium, Houston

The Texans somehow emerged as the winner of the South. For a while it appeared that nobody wanted to win it. Kansas City has been on a long winning streak, after starting the year at 1-5. I think that winning streak continues.


Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati: 7:15 PM on CBS @ Paul Brown Stadium, Cincinnati

Pittsburgh made the playoffs in week 17, and they boast one of the most prolific offenses in the game. The Bengals have not been the same team since Dalton went down. There are no real expectations to see the QB come back for what becomes a third divisional game between these clubs. Bengals are famous for being the One-n-Done Specialist, that trend continues.


Waiting for the winners


#1 seed Denver will play the lowest seed winner (IMO Pittsburgh)

#2 seed Patriots will play the other winner (IMO Kansas City)


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