AFC East 2014 Draft

AFC East 2014 Draft
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AFC East – Best and Worst Picks

New England Patriots

Best: Dominique Easley- the Patriots did a very Patriots thing and took a guy in the 1st round with clear injury problems. For what its worth, Easley is a very talented player. Whenever he was on the field, he made a big impact and is a deadly interior pass rusher. The injuries are a concern; however, I’m sure Emperor Belichick has some robotic legs lying around just for this occasion. I would have gone with Stork, but then I would be labeled a homer.

Worst: Jimmy Garappolo- I like Garrapolo a lot. He has a name no one can  spell and a delivery that is faster than the speed of light.  However, he is not a good choice for the Patriots, especially for a 2nd round pick. Jimmy will be considered the heir apparent to Brady but no one knows when Brady will actually retire. It could be next year or he could play into his 40s. Especially with the Patriots in a win-now mode, that pick could have been used on someone who will actually contribute in the next two years.

Miami Dolphins

Best: Jarvis Landry- Landry has the best hands in the draft and only dropped two passes last year. He also may not be the fastest guy in the world but he is a physical slot guy that can find ways to get open, which will help quarterback Ryan Tannehill a lot. You could make the case the Dolphins had the best receiving corp in the AFC East pre-draft; now that receiving corp is even better.

Worst: Arthur Lynch- The Dolphins have a decent tight end corp of  young guys that have upside and development to be good. There is “Big Play” Charles Clay, who is the best TE in the AFC East not made of glass; there is Egnew Inferno, who in Lazor’s offense should be used more; and there is Dion Simms, who was drafted last year and showed some promise. There was no reason to draft a blocking TE in this draft when they have talent in that position. Unless the Fins are thinking about keeping four TE’s or cutting Egnew or Simms, this pick doesn’t make sense.

New York Jets

Best: Jace Amaro- the Jets offense flat out stunk last year and they needed talent. To address this, they got Amaro, who is going to be the flexed out Joker TE. While Amaro may not be a deep threat, he is a good intermediate target that can only help the Jets offense.

Worst: Taj Boyd- this guy threw the worst interception of all time.

Buffalo Bills

Best: Sammy Watkins- Bills needed a #1 WR and they got the best offensive player in the draft. He is a mix between Percy Harvin in space and AP in contact. He is a tough little guy, evident when he plowed this guy, and that isn’t any scrub, that’s 1st round pick Ryan Shazier. I know some of you don’t like the fact he isn’t 6’3″ or 6’4″ and that big guy that is open when he’s not, but worrying about size is how you end up picking James Hardy over DeSean Jackson. Watkins is a stud prospect whose only mistake in life was going to Clemson.

Worst: Preston Brown- Brown is a Brandon Spikes clone, which is good and all but the Bills already have Brandon Spikes so this pick made very little sense, especially since the Bills needed another DE. Unless Spikes goes all “Four Years a Slave” and leaves the team after this year, a 3rd round pick will have been used on a backup ILB when the Bills needed a true DE to go with Mario Williams.


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