AFC East Fourth & One

Luciano 11

AFC East Fourth & One
Luciano 11
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Once again in the limelight

AFC East has now been in the news for a good portion of the off-season. Free agency put this division up and front; that trend continued with the Draft. Well, then there was last week…

Apparently the NFL will suspend Tom Brady, the only question now is for how long? When this does happen, how does it affect the AFCE teams?

Buffalo Bills
The Bills play the Patriots in Buffalo week 2. The Pats may have to use the full 10 days between game one and two, to get The Magnificent Jimmy Garappolo ready. This would be exactly what the doctor ordered for Rex and the Bills. It would however, fuel the fire that Rex has lit under every fan since his arrival. Dreams will become surreal!

Miami Dolphins
Another team hoping to unseat the Patriots, the Dolphins do not play them until game 7, here is hoping that Brady is gone for the year. There is always the possibility of Tom being suspended 6 games and his first game will be having a face to face with Ndamukong Suh.

New York Jets
The Jets play Tom Terrific game 6, and more than likely will. However, a prolonged Brady suspension would fuel the possibility of 3 teams making the playoffs, and one of them not being the Pats, because we all know without Tom, they are a 7-8 win team.

New England Patriots
A suspension that takes on more than 4 games will be a huge blow for sure. Even at 4 games, do the Pats entrust Jimmy, or do they get a veteran to hold the fort until Tom comes back?


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