AFC East: Miami Dolphins Recap

AFC East: Miami Dolphins Recap
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It was a glorious Sunday as my beloved sea mammals were finally able to display 4 complete quarters of football. This is what we Fins fans envisioned when we adapted “lazor” vision in the off season. Amazing play calling and a brilliant performance from Tannehill, who needed it, quite frankly. Here’s how the Fins scored in the game up in Chi-town.

To begin with, where was the read option three weeks ago? Amazing what happens when Tannehill is pulled from the pocket and allowed to use his talents. Kudos to Bill Lazor for changing it up and opening up the playbook this was simply exciting to watch. Now I do caution the Dolphins to use the read option gingerly as we all know that QBs don’t last long running around (just ask RGIII). But for the most part, the WRs were catching, balls were being thrown better this time, the running game was enough to keep the defense honest, and, most importantly, they didn’t turn the ball over. It’s great to see the offense moving, but only down side is points left on the field again.

Jay Cutler is who we thought he was. Flustered all game, he wasn’t able to hit his big WRs against Miami’s smaller corners. Miami kept bringing the pressure all game and really kept Forte in check with his passing threat and running game. It was great to see Shelby and Jones make big contributions after missing games due to suspensions. Coach Coyle dialed it up this week and refused to play it safe. Winning the turnover battle again helped the Fins get another top tier QB off the field and this time they were able to capitalize and win.

Special Teams
On behalf of Fins fans, Sturgis should be on the chopping block come off season. It’s 50-50 with the kicker; I’m convinced he’s got demons in his head when he’s facing a 45+ FG attempt. Seen too many sail wide or fall short to be convinced he doesn’t have the leg (5th round pick mind you). Aside from missed FGs, the fielding game played huge again as Miami kept the Bears in pretty bad field position for the most part and same would be said for the Fins offense.

What can I say the ups and downs of this season has me drained but seeing my beloved team go and handle their business is all worth the ride. Now we just need to continue working on the things that worked great for a game and a half and build with the momentum. Miami CANNOT lose to the Jags this weekend, they simply cannot. If the Fins want to be taken seriously and possibly challenge Pats/Bills for division, then this upcoming game has to be an easy win. There cannot be any let down or a replay of the Tampa Bay debacle from last year.

Shout out to Dion Jordan, who returns today and has the same stats that I have for the 2014 season (and he’s a third overall pick) SMFH. GO FINS!!!!!


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