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AFC East News …
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Dolphins new offense


Bill Lazor begins his tenure as OC of the “New” Miami Dolphins. Why New? Simple, he is a Chip Kelly guy, and he will run the Chip Kelly system, or close to it.

According to Lazor, he only accepted the job because Joe Philbin was going to give him full control of the offense. I guess we will have a up-tempo west coast offense, otherwise why would Philbin (Mr. Offense) agree?

“It’s reminiscent of Chip Kelly’s offense in Philadelphia, with the tempo and style. There are some West Coast offense concepts, some shotgun, some under center. They’ve discussed having both no huddle and huddle. It’s fast tempo.” …. Said a player after viewing the offense for the first time.

“It’s a big play offense,” Mike Wallace said of Lazor’s system.


My take:

The Dolphins are being smart in making changes, however is it too little too late for Tannahill and Philbin. The concept of an up-tempo offense is absolutely great, it worked very well in Philadelphia.

In Philly it took part of the season for players to understand it and run it to perfection. Will this happen in Miami? That remains to be seen. The Dolphins do not have a deep ball passer in Tannehill (24 TDs, 17 INTs last season); he and Foles (27 TDs, 2 INTs last season) are exact opposites. The Fins do not have quick fast WRs and RBs like the Eagles do. Most importantly, it will take time for the OL to gel, to get them to actually play quick it will be a miracle.

This is Joe Philbin’s final test, and he is putting his future in the hands of a first time OC, running a style the team is not at all used to. This has all the makings of a disaster.












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