AFC East Overreactions Week 3

AFC East Overreactions Week 3
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Turnovers, penalties and improvement highlight AFC East games


Woah, now that was one wild Sunday of AFC East football.  We saw many firsts, another quality comeback, a decades old record challenged and a game decided by 20 points where the victor somehow did not perform well enough.

So as per usual we’ll start with the crap and work our way up to the shining star:

EJ gets sacked

So we’ll start with the “Eric Wood” of the division, and funny thing is- it’s the team he plays for.  No one circles the drain like the Buffalo Bills.  Only the Bills could follow up a great final minute win where the team really looked like they might be turning a corner by losing to a team that commits 20 penalties.  I know CJ Spiller went out early, but Bills fan should be used to this by now so let’s move on.  The Bills are dead and gone.  I know I picked them to win 7 games this year, but I would like to take that prediction back and put the Bills in the leading position to get their hands on Teddy Bridgewater.  It’s getting cold in Buffalo, so we know there are dark days to come…On the plus side Rex bailed EJ out of his horrible fumble of the day and he didn’t cry- so there’s that.

As for the aforementioned team that committed 20 penalties.  It is tough to win a game when your penalty yards outstrip your opponent’s rushing yards, but the Jets found a way to make it happen- although as we learned in week one a win over the Bills doesn’t really count as a win (nor does one over the Jets, but that’s another story).  Rex really did his best to embarrass himself- what with the Pauly D (yeah he’s from RI) bling around his neck and challenging meaningless spots so that he couldn’t overturn that horrendous call the refs made on EJ’s fumble thereby letting the Bills back into the game.  Geno on the other hand looked at times like he may be an NFL Quarterback after all.  (Now that’s an overreaction for the ages)

Now we move in to the AFC East contenders.

If the mathematical progression continues (And why shouldn’t it? This is math after all) the Patriot’s D will give up negative one point on Sunday to the Falcons and the offense need not Thompkins Patriotseven show up to win the game.  “Ten Thumbs Thompkins” turned himself into “Two TD Thompkins” and is obviously a lock for ROY and the Hall of Fame and “Aaron Dropkins” stole the honey pot from Poo and has cemented himself as the next dominant third down receiver in this league.  The Patriots have had two prior 3-0 starts and each of those seasons ended in a Super Bowl appearance for the Pats.  The last time the Patriots were 3-0 they finished the regular season 16-0…Just sayin’

But if the Pats think they’re going 16-0 they’d better call the league and have the schedule reworked so they don’t have to face Ryan “Golden Arm” Tannehill and the Sea Mammals from Miami.  The Fins proved again yesterday that no team- devastated by injury or not- is safe from their wrath.  The Fins were like a pack of velociraptors just toying with the Falcons.  Was there really any doubt that the Fins would come out victorious?  I don’t think so.  Mercury Morris is breaking out in sweats, fearing the inevitable call from E!SPN for an interview about this year’s undefeated Dolphin’s team and how they are so clearly superior to his old ’72 team- although those sweats could be due to cocaine withdrawals.   One way or the other Mr. Morris is sure to die from either a heart attack or an OD within the next few months- and it’s all Joe Philbin’s fault.

Editor’s note- I did my best to equally chastise each team, if I came down on your team harder than one of the others, I’m sorry but they deserved it. 



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