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AFC East Player Spotlight – Dominique Easley

AFC East Player Spotlight – Dominique Easley
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AFC East Player Spotlight

 New England Patriots #1 pick, Dominique Easley


Dominique Easly was born Staten Island, NY, and attended Curtis High School and the University of Florida.


Easley StatsThe pick has been hated, accepted, loved, disliked, you name it, but at this point its all a waste of energy; he is a New England Patriot.

Why didn’t all Patriots fans accept him? Many reasons, but first and foremost, his medical record.

He hardly played his freshman year; he started 12 games in his second year at Florida in 2011 before tearing his ACL. In 2012, he started 11 games, missing two games because of injuries. In his senior year, 2013, his season barely got started as he tore the ACL again. This is the biggest reason for the concerns among fans.

Easley is in the rare breed of New York City players that reach the NFL, and when he is healthy, the kid can play. He can be the much-needed pressure the Patriots lack from the DL.

The picture of his stats is from NFL.com




My take:

Dominique is a very good athlete; if he gets his health in order, he may be the steal of the first round, but it’s a big if (see his resume above). From all you read, he has not killed anyone, nor has he been arrested for drugs, rape, cow rustling, etc. I think the Pats needed more immediate help, but if allowed to recuperate properly, this young man should be a force in 2015. Welcome to the AFCE Dominique!!!

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