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AFC East Preseason Review – Week 2

AFC East Preseason Review – Week 2
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Week 2


We are now half way into the preseason games, and there are some really good signs, but some alarming ones to be pointed out about our teams.

Weeks 3 is generally the most “season like” week, but are these teams really ready to act like they are playing for real?


red-arrow-upNew England Patriots

Of the four teams the one that can afford the most lackadaisical approach is the Patriots. Those are the benefits of having a QB that all alone can win 11-12 games.

The Pats hosted the Eagles on Friday Night. A shocker to me was that a undrafted rookie started opposite Revis, Malcom Butler; Patriots also trying to fix their long-lasting issues at FS by moving Arrington over to the position.

Overall a very positive outing at home; Offense was really good, especially on third down. They did shuffle numerous OL combinations, rightly so, because if there is an Achilles’ Heal, it is the OL. My vote would have to be very positive this week for the Pats.


Green Arrow DownNew York Jets

I would have to say that the overall progress has to be deemed downward. The team exposed what has clearly become a weakness, especially with Dee Milliner and promising rookie Dexter McDougle out. I liked Allen’s athleticism, but he lacks the experience to play the position. Overall a step backwards for the entire defense, as they watched the newest wealthy QB march up and down the field.

Offensively, I would have to give Geno a passing grade. He continues to show command of the offense, and clearly understands situations better than he did a year ago. I also like that he has finally realized that he is very athletic and can surprise teams with long runs. He did throw an INT, but that was an obvious miss-communication with Nelson. CJ looks healthy, and Amaro continues to move forward in his “NFL Speed Learning”. I hope that during the season the Jets do not commit the penalties they are committing now, however, I agree with Rex, this was a message the OL delivered to the rest of the league, do not mess with us!


Aqua Left-RightMiami Dolphins

Ryan Tannehill continues to look good and making the right decisions, a great sign for the third year QB. Miami has an overwhelming amount of talent at the WR position, and unless a trade is in the works, a good WR will be let go. The OL is clearly a work in progress, as it is to be expected. It will much tougher to hold it together when DL play for real and game plan against you. As we noticed a year ago the running game is non-existent, it still is nowhere to be found.

Miami played a solid game defensively, as Grimes continues to elevate his game.

Overall I would say a positive sign for the Fins, I would have given it a  upward swing if the OL and RBs performed better.


down-arrow-icondown-arrow-iconBuffalo Bills

The Bills are the only team that played its 3rd pre-season games; as such I expected a lot more from them. I really expected to see what I want form the Pats, Jets and Fins next weekend, I didn’t get that.

EJ Manuel remains clueless, and that has to be a concern. His decisions once again, as they did two weeks ago, are decisions normally made by first year QBs. I do not see a growing pattern with Manuel, and that is bad news, Bills fans. Watkins injured himself, hopefully its not too serious.

Defensively the Bills were adequate, but certainly nothing to be excited about. It does bear mentioning that Alan Branch is either being punished or about to be cut, another decision that makes little sense.

If there was a clear-cut loser in the division this week, it was the Bills. For a team playing its third game and looking so “Blah”, it’s a very bad sign on Marrone and his staff. Right now I would almost suggest the Bills play 6 Pre-season games and not the 5 they were gifted, they are not ready!


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