AFC East Preview: Mary Poppins Edition


AFC East Preview: Mary Poppins Edition
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Week 4 of the NFL season is here and this weekend there is the very big London Series as two of the AFC East teams battle it out to eat dinner with the Queen. The Bison stay in the US of A and battle the Giants who currently have a coach who is on the hot seat (and will end up beating the Patriots in the Super Bowl).


The Battle of London: Miami vs J-E-T-S

The Miami Dolphins really want to host a Super Bowl and to get into the good graces of the League, decide to lose a home game to travel and play a division rival. They were successful last year in London as their offense came to life and the early funks will done. This year they are in a similar situation as they were blown out last Sunday and their Head Coach is yet again on thin ice (if he even notices is another question). Their big money free agent signing hasn’t done much and their defense is as plain as their Head Coach. They get to face a Jets team who lost to Sam Bradford and Fitzmagic descended into Fitztragic. The Dolphins need this win and the defense needs to kick it into the next gear. If Kevin Coyle doesn’t want to get fired, he needs to not run the most bland defense possible and try to stop the run. To win this game, the defense will have to take charge, something they struggled the first three weeks.


Their opponent is those Jets who got destroyed by an Eagles team that made Brandon Weeden look good. The Jets have a pretty good defense however for some reason, Bowles and Chan decided their best running back shouldn’t play. This week they face a Dolphins team that thinks stopping the run is overrated which means good things for Chris Ivory. If the Jets want to win they need to make Fitz throw it as little as possible, or else he will continue to be Fitztragic and it would mean Geno Time. The defense should be licking their chops and just like the Bills last week, should feast on Tannehill. If the Jets play smart offense and not get sloppy on defense, they should win this game pretty easily and mean the end of Joe Philbin.

Jets 27-Miami 17


ODB vs Watkins: The fight for who the Bills should have drafted

The Bills have been a rising team with the hire of Sexy Rexy and the bringing in of Greg Roman. Their hand picked QB Tyrod Taylor has also done a pretty good job and looks like he might be serviceable. Shady McCoy looks to be out which means it is Karlos “Los” Williams time. Los has done a pretty good job this year and has been a huge surprise. His nickname is also not Special K. The Bills will look to pound the rock with Los against a Giants defense that isn’t that good. The defense will also have to be licking their chops as the Giants offensive line is currently nicked up. The front four looks to get it sack on.


The real under the radar competition will be the pass games for both teams. The Bills passing game goes through Percy Harvin as he has been the #1 guy. Big Play Clay has also been involved in the offense in recent weeks and has proved to be a huge mismatch. Sammy Watkins is unlikely to play which means Robert Woods is the #2 wide receiver and hopefully gets some looks. For the Giants, offense is Odell Beckham Jr and that’s about it. He’s extremely difficult to cover as he can win a lot of matchups against CBs and his route running and speed get him open and deadly after the catch. The Bills on defense have not moved their corners around which means Darby and Gilmore will both have the task of covering ODB and Reuben Randle. Darby like Los has  been a huge surprise and looks like his 2013 form. Shutting down Beckham will force Eli to throw to other guys which means turnovers galore. The Bills shut Beckham and the Tyrod and Los show does its thing, Bills should be looking pretty good

Giants 20-Bills 31


The Patriots have the most difficult challenge in facing the dreaded bye week. They already are down a huge deficit by trading away their coolest tight end. It’s going to be a tough road but I think they end up winning

Bye 456- Patriots 458


In other news the Florida State Seminoles travel to Winston-Salem, North Carolina to maybe face the Wake Forest Demon Deacons depending on the weather. FSU has a horrible QB but the good news is they have a future first round pick in Dalvin Cook who will run all over Wake.

FSU 31-Wake 10



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