SR Dynasty Fantasy League Rankings


SR Dynasty Fantasy League Rankings
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Lots of movers and shakers this week as some of our asleep teams awoke and put up some big numbers on the week. The injuries continue to roll in, but the season rolls on without them. Here’s how the teams stack up heading into week 4:
#10 – Manning Face aka Archer (down 3 spots)
Team lost, Luck might not be playing this week and Chris Ivory forgot he was elite for the week. Archer’s squad is not in last place, but they are not scoring points for him right now. Up this week he gets Nik.
#9 – CJ&CJ Atty’s at Ball aka EJ ()
Well, the points at least came this time around for CJ. But the W did not. Some players lived up to their projections and then some, but it doesn’t matter normally when your opponent scores more than you. CJ is the lone 0-3 squad, but the team finally showed some life. Here’s to seeing if that continues into week 4 against Slick and his team of NE on Bye.
#8 – Homerun Darby aka Linkage (up 2 spots)
Smokeddd noss, but not it will be time to make sure Link’s first win of the season was not a fluke. Link’s Buffalo D won’t get a chance to play the Miami offense every week, so he may have to find points elsewhere in coming weeks. Let’s see if Link can make it a winning streak against Thumbs.
#7 – Belichick Yo’self aka Nossorc (down 2 spots)
Zero points from Terrance Williams took noss’s squad out of the matchup fairly early on, but that wasn’t to diminish what was the best scoring week of Link’s season. The Seahawks listened to E!SPN this week and finally decided to acknowledge Jimmy Graham exists. Up this week, is Destiny.
#6 – Its Deztiny aka Gene Hackman (down 3 spots)
Despite being 2-1, iyced’s squad is the first team in the standings to score less than 390 points on the season, but have more than 420 scored against. Who said fantasy doesn’t involve a little luck? Wins are really all that matters in the end, but these are power rankings. This week he squares off against nose, in a battle of offs.
#5 – Pimpin Ain’t Easley aka Hooded (down 3 spots)
Hooded’s squad actually didn’t have a bad week, they just fell victim to a matchup with Nik that despite AJ Green’s absurd week 3 performance, was still not enough to take down the rise from the dead squad. This week he faces off with our next man in the rankings, FinFan.
#4 – Suh Happy aka FinFan ()
CJ’s team finally put up some points but Keenan Allen and Co. didn’t care. Even with 0 points out of his tight end FinFan came away with a fairly large margin of victory. Up this week he gets to face-off with the free falling Hooded squad.
#3 – Down with ODB aka nikvoodoo (up 5 spots)
I didn’t believe it was possible, but this squad has pressed through the tough times and will slowly start to get valuable assets back from health (and suspension) related absences. Now the question going forward will be whether or not Nik will be able to keep the magic going when the tough decision come around. This week he faces off with Archer in what appears to be a closely projected matchup.
#2 – Tuck A Buck Express aka Slick (up 4 spots)
Absurd week from Slick’s squad, if it were not for the fact that Thumbs is sitting as the undefeated squad below, the #1 spot would be for this guy. After posting 193+ points Slick’s team is firing on all cylinders heading into a matchup with the much maligned CJ squad.
#1 – ThumbCrushers aka Luciano ()
Undefeated, most points scored. Most moves made. Not really any other way to spin it, despite some bumps along the way, Luciano is our leader in the clubhouse and in the power rankings. Doesn’t matter who he is facing this week.


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