AFC East Recap: It’s Good To Be The King

AFC East Recap: It’s Good To Be The King
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Week 5 went how many expected it to be, the Pats and Bills won and the Jets and Fins lost in hilarious fashion.  This was a good week for the teams that matter in the East and the other teams…..well, they are one step closer to getting Chad Kelly.
Geno Time is Near
The Jets were in “win now” mode to start the year as they caved in and gave Fitzpatrick his 12 million dollars. So far it has not paid off as the Jets are 1-4 and are closer to rebuilding mode than contending. Their start corner Revis has lost a step and is no longer able to cover the go route, their QB is a turnover machine, and their vaunted defense can’t even stop Alex Smith.  It hasn’t been a good year for Todd Bowles as last year’s 10-6 made many think they were a contender and now they are only slightly better than the Browns. The Jets are not going to win this year, so they might as well play Geno Smith or Christian Hackenberg so they have an idea what they have at QB because Fitz isn’t it. It also hasn’t been good for GM Mike Maccagnan as he is starting to look like former Jets GM Tannenbaum. Things are going to be pretty crazy in Jets land and Rex isn’t even there to initiate it.
Dennis Thurman for President
The Bills first two weeks were terrible as the team looked flat against a horrible Ravens team and the defense made Fitzpatrick look like Tom Brady. Due to the defense struggling, Rex Ryan fired the Offensive Coordinator. The past 3 weeks, the defense and run game have been solid and a huge reason why the team is on the current winning streak. LeSean McCoy is carrying the offense on his back as he is making plays left and right to take pressure off an anemic passing game that was horrible in two of the three games and meh in the other. But the real surprise has been the defense which has been generating turnovers and pressure and looking like the defense we all expected in 2015. The big reason why is Rex no longer call plays, Defensive Coordinator Dennis Thurman is no longer a guy with a nice title but is now actually calling plays and has allowed Rex to pretty much do nothing but make commercials with his brother. We shall see how long this lasts but with the defense playing lights out and the run game making things happen, it worked for the 09-10 Jets, it should work for the 2016 Bills….hopefully.
The Greatest Ever Returns
The 1st four weeks felt empty in the NFL, as if an important presence was missing.  Ratings were down league wide as many in the audience were waiting for the savior to return week five. Now everyone rejoiced when the savior Tom Brady returned to make the NFL great again. He was as you expected Brady to be, on fire and back with a vengeance. The offense was dominant as Gronk, Hogan and Bennett were making plays left and right. The Patriots showed why they are the best team of all time and with Brady mad at the NFL, the whole league better watch out.


Meanwhile in Miami……
The Miami Dolphins are now the laughingstock of the NFL. After getting humiliated on national television to the Bengals they got embarrassed by the Tennessee Titans on Sunday. They couldn’t stop the run to save their lives and were getting lit up by Marcus Mariota of all players. Their start QB Ryan Tannehill was going through the motions again and he sadly didn’t even have enough time to pad his stats in garbage time. Adam Gase must be ashamed of himself. He lost to Mike Mularkey, that alone should be a fireable offense. But he has another year and can finally ditch Tannehill and go with Kaepernick or Jay Cutler, Miami might actually half fill their stadiums next year.
Now we go to the big game where the Hurricanes of the U had their Super Bowl against the Florida State Seminoles. The Canes led by Mark Richt did what you expect from them, they choked and choked big time. Overrated QB Brad Kaaya looked terrible against a Charles Kelly defense, the same defense that gave up 35 points to South Florida and gave up 37 points to the same offense that got shut down by Virginia Tech.  Plus when they had a chance to tie it, they missed on an extra point! an extra point of all things. All this talk of the U being back was premature as always but don’t tell the fans that. The fans were definitely back to their 80’s form, throwing beer cans and trash on the FSU sideline because their team was playing crap against a team coached by future Jets HC Jimbo Fisher. All I have to say for these fans is:

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