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AFC East Slick Weekly
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Some Stuff Happened Overreactions

Last week OTA’s ended, this week Mini Camps started, what happened in between? Let’s find out.

The New England Patriots received their Super Bowl Rings, they are massive and quite possibly the greatest Super Bowl Rings ever created. But the real news that came out of the ring celebration was no doubt Tom Brady killer dance moves and Darrell Revis’ mom. Let’s start with the QB, Tom once again showed us all why he is the man that every man wants to be. First he showed up for a photo opp with his wife, who is hotter than anyone else’s wife (and richer too), then he proceeded to kill the game on the dance floor, cutting a rug like he works at Home Depot. Now to Revis’ mom; I don’t know why anyone is upset that she wasn’t allowed in. Only bad things could come of it. I’m sure that she was loaded with listening/ recording devices so that the Jets could learn some of the Pats secret tactics, she also no doubt had a jump drive loaded with a Trojan horse virus that was to be loaded onto Mr. Kraft’s home network, thus infecting the Pats’ player personnel database. And Jet fans don’t want her their either, with the recent run of success Edelman has had with the ladies of late, do you really want Pats fans to have the right to make “Hey Revis, Edelman Delonte’d your Mom” signs for the post Xmas matchup in New Jersey? I think security stopping her at the gates was a wise move. (and by the way, she was an uninvited, gate crasher)

Did anything happen in Buffalo? Nope. Well Rex said some things and ate some wings, but that’s not news.

How about the Landfill? Yeah, Antonio Cromartie just rolled up on Kellen Winslow Jr and made him his Twitter bitch. Not sure what else happened that’s all that out of the ordinary…Gronk Jr, aka Zach Sudfield, tore his ACL and is out for the season. This guy can’t seem to catch a break (or the football, but that’s another story…) Lastly Geno threw a bunch of interceptions and no doubt has the Jets’ coaching staff a little worried that they already anointed him the starter. The PR firms in Manhattan are currently working on a sweet backpedaling strategy that no one will buy and will surely begin to warm up new head coach Todd Bowles’ seat a little…

OK, now something had to happen in Miami right? Well they did sign CJ Mosely, no the good CJ Mosley from Alabama, some other guy with the same name that isn’t very good. I wonder how long it will take Joe and Dawn to figure out that they were duped? I say Joe never realizes, but Dawn figures it out sometime around August 15th. Fin fans also got their wish when Philly cut Evan Mathis…Then they learned that it would require money to get him to come and play for the Dolphins, something that the organization is out of. This should actually be taken as a huge positive by Fin fans, in the old days, Tannenbaum would have signed him to whatever deal he wanted, then cut the rest of the roster next season a leaving a team that resembles the Jets in his wake.

That’s it, next week we get to talk about guys in shoulder pads, so that should be fun!

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