The AFC North Afternoon Buzz

The AFC North Afternoon Buzz
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Happy St. Paddy’s Day to all the Irish-for-a-day drunks out there! Add in the start of March Madness, and you get double the drinking novices at your local watering hole desperately trying to stay drink-for-drink with the professionals. Watch where you step.

Baltimore Ravens
Ravens fans are starting consume plenty of purple drank with all of the free agent acquisitions lately, but the actions are also stirring up many questions such as, how many #3 WR’s does it take to catch a football?
My Take: Marlon Brown has all of the physical tools to be a special player, but for whatever reason has been in hiding after a near breakout 2013 rookie season (49 rec, 7 TDs). Heading into free agency, the Ravens wide receiving corps was littered with question marks from age to consistency to fragility, and after signing Wallace and now Brown… it still is.
Cleveland Browns
Speaking of drinking (no not Johnny Manziel or the Browns front office), Josh Gordon is wondering who will be the next cut casualty.
My Take: The Browns had $40M to spend last week. After their recent liquidation sale, they are now sixty-one million under their adjusted salary cap. Its only $61M because the cuts cost the team $13.5M in dead money. Are we watching a live version of Major League? I’m waiting for a camera shot of the Browns crew saying “they’re still sh**ty”. Don’t worry, Gordon. You only cost the team $1M against the cap with no dead money, you are the most dynamic player they have, and are most trade-able given your current contact. If they cut you, they are the ones who should be drug tested. I hope for the sake of Browns fans that this is all part of a grand plan.
Cincinnati Bengals
Dansby to the Bengals? After taking a few mild parting shots at his former team, he is bucking for a promotion and would like to land in Cincinnati or with another contender.
My Take: The Bengals have the money and the need at linebacker. A veteran presence may be what the doctor ordered in that locker room. He is motivated, is a hard worker, and is not shy to call out players for being selfish or lazy. It seems like a perfect fit.
Pittsburgh Steelers
The Steelers have had an up and down year signing and losing offensive linemen, with the latest signing being former Broncos left tackle Ryan Harris.
My Take: The author certainly is drinking the optimistic juice when discussing a journeyman tackle who grades very low with Pro Football Focus, but he did play adequately down the stretch for the Super Bowl winning Broncos. Harris will add depth to a team that recently lost Kelvin Beachum, and at $3.9M over two years, he’s a relative bargain for an experienced tackle who can play both left and right.

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