AFC North Afternoon Roundup

AFC North Afternoon Roundup
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Oh, how the tables turn…and then turn again.  And once more.

The complexion of the AFC North changed dramatically yesterday, with both the Browns and Bengals suffering crippling, one-sided losses, while the Ravens assumed a first place berth for the first time this season.  The Steelers mysteriously remained neutral…

While the game losses are certainly troubling, particularly to their respective fanbases, the injuries sustained by both teams recently are reaching a critical point, and while every team supposedly adds depth in preparation for these player losses, there are reasons why some players are ranked higher on depth charts than others.  We’re starting to see those results now.

Here’s your serving of the latest links.  Enjoy.

Baltimore Ravens

Newly-active safety Will Hill looked good in his first regular season action.

My Take:  Prior to his suspension, Hill had been praised for his play, and had been mentioned among the better safeties in the NFL.  If he can work his way back to his previous level, the Ravens’ maligned secondary would become an obvious strength.

Cleveland Browns

In a ho-hum move, the Browns waived fullback Ray Agnew today and promoted fullback Kiero Small to the active roster.

My Take:  Exchanging one fullback for another doesn’t make many waves, but I would assume this move saves them a little salary space and give a younger player a chance to perform where perhaps Agnew had failed.

Cincinnati Bengals

The Cincinnati Enquirer’s Paul Daugherty lists ten bad things from the Bengals’ shutout loss yesterday.

My Take:  Daugherty is on point here, and seems to avoid the classic “writer’s habit” of taking things to extremes in reaction to poor Sunday showings.  A sense of humor is required to get through weekends like this.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Head coach Mike Tomlin discusses scheme vs. players and breaks down the Texans in his weekly interview segment.

My Take:  Tomlin doesn’t seem to be engaging in hyperbole this week, as his assessment of the Texans is honest and straightforward (with the possible exception of his analysis of quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, in this author’s opinion).


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