AFC North Afternoon Roundup

AFC North Afternoon Roundup
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A healthy Joe Thomas is always good news for the Browns, but there were more newsworthy events in Cleveland this week.



On what seems to be a quiet day on the AFC North injury front, lets see what we have missed over the last few days.


Baltimore Ravens

Through the rash of injuries and PUP candidates, The Ravens may have finally found their heir apparent to Ray Lewis this week.


My Take: Well, maybe Haloti Ngata’s heir apparent on the field with his size and moves. Through preseason’s grueling workouts, stress of injuries, and inevitable cuts, its always entertaining to see the lighter side of training camp… and a large man jiggle.


Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals released their first depth chart yesterday.


My Take: The article starts with “no surprises” but Leon Hall is listed as the backup to Adam “don’t call me Pacman” Jones, which is questionable to me as an outsider. This may be due to Hall losing a step with injuries and age, but in my opinion, he should lose his spot to Pacman on the field as he has basically been the Bengals starter since 2007. As for Pacman, he has performed well as the nickel and part-time starter, but he still has character question marks. Apparently as of today, he has re-re-reformed himself all over again and this time he will stay out of trouble.


Cleveland Browns

Yes, there is worry of a Joe Thomas injury, and a southpaw Johnny Manziel in Cleveland, but much more important news has been released regarding tailgating.


My Take:
Apparently a little sewage dumping from 2014 tailgater has the city up in arms and they are taking it out on the masses. No alcohol, and more importantly, no private toilets will be tolerated at the “muni lot”. If you are with family and want to stay away from drunks, enjoy muni lot. You can hang out there and not drink for eight fun-filled hours before the first preseason game, or starting at 7am during the regular season. The only problem is, those sober folks aren’t guaranteed to be sitting next to you inside the stadium.


Pittsburgh Steelers

Its almost always better when offensive linemen and kickers do not make headlines, so this was a tough week in Pittsburgh, at least for the latter.

My Take:

There was one funny kicker moment as Jeff Reed was allegedly trolled by a Steelers fan. Whether alcohol was involved is another story. Reed is already up there in alcohol lore with the likes of Joe Namath, Bernie Kosar, and John Riggins, and this would add to his legacy. On a sad note, losing kicker Shaun Suisham is a tough pill to swallow. Its great seeing kickers making plays, but the timing in a preseason game has to make it all the more frustrating.

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