AFC North Afternoon Roundup

AFC North Afternoon Roundup
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Antonio Brown climbed to the top of the Steelers trash-talking chart

Baltimore Ravens

AFC North Off Season Buzz

There has already been quite a bit of speculation in terms Ravens off-season moves including potentially grabbing Josh Gordon if the Browns release him.


My Take: While it is highly unlikely the Ravens will be in the running for any high-priced or even medium-priced free agent (discussed in an article next week), Josh Gordon, if available, would be an intriguing pickup. Not only would he likely be relatively inexpensive, he would come to a team with a veteran mentor in Steve Smith, Sr, and he would give the Ravens the dynamic receiver they desperately need. Unfortunately I don’t see the Browns releasing Gordon if he is in fact maturing during his time off. If he isn’t showing signs of maturity or keeps falling off the wagon and the Browns release him, it may take more than a veteran presence or pleas from former teammates like D’Qwell Jackson as I discussed last year.

Cleveland Browns

What’s an off-season (or anytime, really) without a Browns quarterback discussion? It was relevant when I started writing this, and now even more so after reading the recent statement from the Browns front office. The latest news is that sources claim Manziel will be cut in March. Depending on who’s source, it could be true… or not.


My Take: It was already difficult to imagine Johnny Manziel as Browns starter in 2016, now its hard to imagine Manziel in an NFL uniform next season. Public intoxication and alleged drug use is how Johnny began his NFL career, and now habitual assault allegations could finally be the last straw for this risky 2014 first round pick. The only thing keeping Manziel alive is the lack of clear video evidence. Even if all of these accusations were not true, he should still be off the team because he just isn’t a good quarterback.


Cincinnati Bengals


Former Bengals quarterback Boomer Esiason chimed in on the recent Steelers Bengals “lunacy”.

My Take: Boomer takes shots at his team and Steelers, but his view has some noticeable holes. The most glaring is that he blames Vontaze Burfct as the one culprit on the Bengals roster. Adam Jones has to share the blame as well as Bengals team leaders and coaching staff. What he did get right is that all player discipline issues in the AFC North start with the Pittsburgh Steelers. He was joking of course… or was he? *wink wink*

Pittsburgh Steelers
The Steelers inked WR Levi Norwood, and have the services of Mike Adams for another year before he hits the free agent market, but the biggest surprise was Antonio Brown being named as the Steelers biggest trash talker.


My Take: It must be in the Three Rivers water. Brown joins a solid list of trash-talking Steelers receivers, but he has a long hill to climb if he is gunning to take the Steelers all-time WR top spot. Fellow AFC Northerners to make the list include:
Ravens: Steve Smith (clear choice)
Bengals: Adam Jones (needed a good Iowa ground game to take out Burfict)
Browns: Donte Whitner (by default)

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