AFC North Afternoon Roundup

AFC North Afternoon Roundup
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Week 4.

It’s the time when, having seen the capabilities of players over the first three games, most rosters are finalized, and barring injury, remain as set.  The formal trade deadline of week 6 obviously can be still taken advantage of, but for the most part, teams settle on a “final” roster configuration right about now.

The AFC North, particularly the Ravens and Steelers, have suffered a recent rash of injuries, so the above assertion doesn’t quite hold true.  While each team claims confidence in their replacement players, it’s tough to get excited over such luminaries as Philip Supernaw or aged veteran James Harrison when they represent a deficiency, and weren’t on the original roster for defined reasons.

Injuries suck.  But you know what?

It just isn’t football without them.

Enjoy today’s AFC North links.

Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens are confident they can overcome their injury losses.

My Take:  Hmm.  They’ve managed to play pretty well to this point, but losing three starters may be too much to overcome.  Future success will be dictated on quickly the injured players return, particularly LT Eugene Monroe.

Cleveland Browns

Courtesy of the by week, here’s a review of the Browns’ running backs.

My Take:  The Browns have seemingly put together one of the better backfields in the NFL, provided rookies West and Crowell continue to progress.  What a contrast from a year ago, when the Browns traded then-starter Trent Richardson, forcing the venerable Willis McGahee to stumble through the remainder of the season.

Cincinnati Bengals

Offensive lineman extraordinaire Andrew Whitworth regularly practices yoga.

My Take:  It’s surprising more players don’t engage in this sort of thing.  Yoga increases flexibility, decreases injury risk and enhances concentration.  It’s a non-prescription form of Adderall in many respects, except that it’s legal in the NFL.

Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers are attempting to not play to the level of their competition.

My Take:  Given the head-scratching letdowns the Steelers have had against clearly inferior teams in recent years, they have every right to be concerned.  Despite the apparent drawbacks each team may have (some more than others), no NFL team should ever be taken lightly.


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