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AFC Pre-Season Review – Week 1 (Jets & Pats)

AFC Pre-Season Review – Week 1 (Jets & Pats)
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Thurday August 7th Colts @ Jets

Final score (Not that it matters): Colts 10, Jets 13

Week 1 grade: C+

I was very interested to see execution by Geno and new weapons, and I got some, especially from Decker. Johnson will add a new dimension and if Jace gets it, then the offense can be real good. Defensively Jets didn’t really try much, but that is expected. I felt like the team has a new and determined mentality, I like that.

Green Arrow Up

Arrow Pointing Up

  1. Dee Milliner, it was good to see Dee play with confidence
  2. Geno Smith, Geno looked poised and in control. Exactly what I was hoping to see. He escaped sacks, ran well and made good decisions. He also had some very quick reads.
  3. Eric Decker, great sign! He and Geno were on the same page, Decker will be the featured WR.
  4. Chris Johnson looked like he has been there forever, fit right in
  5. Jace Amaro lined up as a WR more often than TE, and he looks like he can contribute
  6. Jason Babin may become like the 6th man in the NBA, excellent signing.

Gree Left-RightNo Obvious Change

  1. OL, I saw no big improvement, and it has to improve in ore=der for Geno and team to succeed.
  2. Chris Ivory, he was good, a workhorse, but he has to take one step forward for me to be excited.
  3. Linebackers, solid play, even had a sack by Harris, Jets need them to get to another level.
  4. Punting game, same ol same ol, can Jets please get a real punter!
  5. Back-up QB, Vick. He is so athletic, I believe he will play a role

Green Arrow DownArrow Pointing Down

  1. Offsides Penalties, bad sign, like a year ago the defense keeps being too aggressive and jump. This has to stop, too many drives remain alive as a result
  2. CBs other than Dee, none looked good, especially Wilson and Patterson.
  3. Run Stop look lackadaisical at times, stellar at others. Almost looked like they played to the situation.




Thurday August 7th Patriots @ Redskins

Final score (Not that it matters): Patriots 6, Redskins 23

Week 1 grade: INC, if I have to score it? It would be an F

Very hard to grade the Patriots starters without Brady, without him they maybe the 4th best team in this division; Belichick also doesn’t have to do as much as the rest of our teams do. Pre-season for the Pats is just a way to see possible depth players, however there are question marks on this team that have not existed in the past. We all know that what we witnessed last night is not the Patriots we will see in season.

red-arrow-upArrow Pointing Up

  1. LaFell might have been the only bright part even if in a limited basis
  2.  Next week

Red Left-RightNo Obvious Change

  1. OL looked ok, only concern here is depth, many young players, too soon to judge. Mistakes by Solder stalled a drive, but the giant ma should be fine.
  2. Running game has to be better because Patriots passing game is not on par with the better teams in the AFC, and last night it looked pedestrian.

red-arrow-downArrow Pointing Down

  1. Kicking game, Gostkowskieven missed a FG
  2. Backup QB, I loved Mallett in college, but man he has been hidden and sheltered for 4 years leaving us nothing but a perennial backup
  3. Depth everywhere, second stringers got killed by first and second stringers of Redskins. Patriots have not been able to keep high level of back-ups, not when you have an HoF at QB and HoF at CB


Monday we will grade and review the Dolphins first and Bills second 


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