AFCE 2015 All-Pro-Cornerbacks

AFCE 2015 All-Pro-Cornerbacks
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As we approach training camps, let us reflect back to 2015, and those players we felt, extinguished themselves above their peers. Each day, we will reveal the AFCE All-Pro team and runner ups, as voted by 10 of our members. A huge THANK YOU! to: 1fishfan, nossorc, cgc5783, GeneHackman, hooded, FishFan, CJ, cknuckles60191, FinCanada. I really wish more would participate in these polls, it makes it so much better when there are enough votes.
So far, we have learned that Muhammed Wilkerson and Brandon Marshall are the first of only 4 players to have received a vote of 10, none on this list.
We continue with the Cornerbacks.





Darrelle Revis – Jets (9) (nossorc) (cgc5783) (cknuckles60191) (GeneHackman) (hooded) (FinFan) (FinCanada) (CJ) (The Alienist)




Stephon Gilmore – Bills (5) (cknuckles60191) (hooded) (FinFan) (CJ) (The Alienist)



Honorable Mentions

Ronald Darby – Bills (4) (1fishfan72) (nossorc) (cgc5783) (GeneHackman)

Logan Ryan – Patriots (2) (1fishfan72) (FinCanada)

Malcolm Butler – Patriots (2) (hooded) (GeneHackman)

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