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AFCE Fourth and one

AFCE Fourth and one
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Teams are starting to make cuts and evaluate contract situations, in preparation of March 10th. On March 7th, this coming Saturday, Free Agents will be able to start talking to potential suitors.

Buffalo Bills

The Bills flirted with Josh McCown all week, but lost him to what has quickly become their rivals, the Cleveland Browns. Available to spend: $31,041,670

  1. Not sure why Josh McCown? He is too old and really ready to retire soon (Cleveland is nuts). I don’t think McCown fits the Roman/Rex mentality as a QB. EJ must be given an opportunity to reclaim the throne, after all he was the king of the draft in his class at QB. EJ is built to be the “manager” Rex seeks; one that can accept few throws per game, but most importantly doesn’t turn it over.
  2. Hughes was a huge part of the defense, losing him will not be good. Rex will make sure he is back in the fold, since he loves down-linemen that can rush the passer. Hughes will eat up a chunk of that CAP, but worth it.
  3. I think the Bills sign D. Landry at SF; he knows the Rex system, and Rex loves his style. The Jets have two young players at the position, Landry will not be offered a new deal, and Buffalo makes perfect sense. His price tag will be cheap, 1.5-2M per.

Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins have begun the “Ireland Cutting Shuffle”. Bad contracts handed out by former GM Ireland are weighting heavily on the roster, and the newly formed Triumvirate  is cleaning the house. Gone are Hartline and Gibson, adding over 5M in dead money.

The team now has breathing room with $11,343,159 to spend.

  1. Tannenhill will be a big topic, however I would resign him next off-season, when the CAP is do to increase another 10-15M
  2. Clay now almost becomes a “must sign”. If he goes elsewhere Tanny would have lost 3 of his current targets. I think Clay resigns with the Dolphins.
  3. To trade or not to trade Mike Wallace seems to be the topic out of South Beach these days. Wallace is hard to trade or cut, and honestly should be given one more year to see if he and Tanny can become ideal partners in the Lazor System.

New England Patriots

Patriots are always rather quiet about what is being negotiated, and this week has been no different. Many decisions have to be made by next week, none bigger than Revis. The team is $7,624,313 over the CAP, but 20M can be reclaimed if Revis’ option is not picked up.

  1. Revis and the Pats will find a way for his services to remain in New England. I can see a 48M 4 year deal with 32M guaranteed. This however will come at the expense of numerous others, most of all Vince Wilfork who carries a 9M tag. Mayo will also need to restructure.
  2. Keeping Revis will free up McCourty. Hard to imagine where the CAP money will come from to resign the centerfielder of the defense. He will be looking at 6-8M per year, and there are many teams that are in need of a FS.
  3. Patriots will not be big players in early free agency, however, they have been successful signing boat loads of scraps in the past. The theory is that, in that scrap heap, someone always emerges as an important chip.

New York Jets

Jets have been quiet, other than picking up options for Babin and Pace, releasing C. Johnson. The team has many holes and lots of cash to start filling some in, $54,948,474

  1. Releasing one CJ was a no brainer, especially since the other CJ (not our own), Spiller has been publicly begging the Jets to reunite him with Chan Gailey.
  2. Jets will pursue another ex-Bills and Chan disciple, Fitzmagic (as soon as Houston sends him packing).
  3. Bowles uses more DBs than Rex did, and Jets had none. Expect this to be the area where a chunk of change is used up. I fully expect Cromartie back, they will pursue Maxwell hard (I think he ends up in Atlanta).

Pick up your assigned shopping cart, make sure you fill it with needs!

Let the fun begin!


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