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AFCE Fourth and one
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The madness is about to reach its peak. As of 4pm tomorrow, when that clock ticks one-second past, deals will be announced, because no deals “are ever negotiated” prior to that time, cough cough. Let the fun begin!

Buffalo Bills

Rex has wasted no time to put his stamp on the Bills. Say what you will, but Mr. Whaley is just the dude carrying Rex’s briefcase around. Traded is an old regime gem, “The Legend of Kiko”, and in comes a running machine, in McCoy.

  1. I like the McCoy move for a few reasons. First of all losing Kiko may not be a big deal, after all the defense was actually better while he was out injured. Second Rex/Roman or as I call them R+R=R  (Rex+Roman=Running) or R-tripled; this team needed a running back that can carry it 25-30 times per game, a la 2009 Jets. McCoy is durable, and he can also catch it out of the backfield.
  2. Hughes is a MUST to be resigned, and maybe by the time this article is published he already has been. That defense was led by the strong play of that front four, and Hughes was a huge part of that.
  3. Matt Cassel? As much as I like the McCoy move, I think this is a dumb move. Cassel was never really any good, and now that he is older he is worst. He will NOT push EJ at all, and EJ will easily win the job (if he does’t then he’s done as a QB in the NFL).

Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins are starting to show us why they hired MT. Signing Suh as a big splash is more of an MT move than anything the current GM has done yet. I like the Suh signing, it sends a message.

  1. Suh is expensive, and as you would expect, the richest contract for a defensive player in NFL history, no surprise there. He is going to help the Dolphins tremendously. My beef is not the price tag, but of plugging a hole that is not as large the real hole. The Fins have  missed Soliai in stopping the run, but it wasn’t really the DL that was the problem as much as the LBs. This leaves them little room to upgrade a huge need. The money could have been used for 3-4 good players.
  2. Fins have shed a lot of contracts last few days, but they must be replaced, and not only at LB. Yes, rookie Landry was a huge addition and that made Gibson expendable, but Hartline will be missed.
  3. Dolphins will need to replace one year rental Cortland Finengan, and that shouldn’t be too hard to do. Still no RB on the squad, and one that can take the load off of Tanny is badly needed.

New England Patriots

Interesting Monday coming up for the Patriots, so many moves that will alter or keep the franchise constant; all to be decided by today. Revis? Pats must get under the CAP by midnight.

  1. Revis in or out? I think its in, my guess he resigns with the Pats on a longterm 3-4 year (17M per) deal with 75% of it guaranteed. Revis would be nuts to leave and join the Jets or Bills. The SB has to have left him with a good taste for more.
  2. Revis comes at an expense, and we have already seen Vince Wilfork cut, with others to follow. Vince will need to be persuaded to come back cheap; I don’t think he accepts, and he will be hard to replace.
  3. A decision on Mayo will need to be made as well in order to clear CAP space. I think Mayo is gone. I can see Atlanta pursuing him.

New York Jets

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will the Jets. In comes an old foe in Marshall, and back in the fold is Harris. Jets will be very active early in free agency.

  1. Brandon Marshall for a #5 is a great move for many reasons. One, he gives the Jets a real #1 target to play alongside Eric Decker. Two, they can cut him next season with no dead money. I think for one year at least, Brandon will be a model citizen and look for revenge. Besides, he can now do Inside the NFL without traveling.
  2. Resigning Harris is a good sign from new GM/HC. Harris is a huge part of the team, both on the field and in the locker room. His only downside is coverage speed, even if he is asked to mostly play the run. Rex was waiting to bring him in and be his so important signal caller. It also shows that the new GM is willing to keep the guys on the team, and reward them.
  3. Percy is gone unless he restructures and lowers that CAP hit. Marshall trade is also a message to him. I expect him to refuse and be dropped, thus owing the Seahawks a #6 and not a #4.

It will be a fun few days this week, looking forward to it. Let the experts analyze every move, but please remember the primary rule of the site: knock all other teams moves, but praise your own team, regardless of who it is!


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