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AFCE: Playoffs Update

AFCE: Playoffs Update
Luciano 11
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AFCE: Is anyone joining the Pats in the playoffs?

Reality Check


Week 9 coming up, and its time to see where we stand; two things are clear:

  1. NY Jets are not appearing in the playoffs
  2. NE Patriots will be the division winner

So what is left?

8 games is what is left, well 9 for the Dolphins, and that is not an advantage.

Let us see the two teams, Bills and Dolphins and what we can salvage:

  1. Buffalo Bills: 5-3 record, 2-1 in Division (1-0 vs, Miami), 2-3 in AFC
  2. Miami Dolphins: 4-3 record, 1-1 (0-1 vs, Buffalo), 3-2 in AFC

Remaining games:

  1. Buffalo – Home (Chiefs, Jets, Browns, Packers), Away (Dolphins, Broncos, Raiders, Patriots)
  2. Dolphins – Home (Chargers, Bills, Ravens, Vikings, Jets), Away (Lions, Broncos, Jets, Patriots)

My take: The Bills will win against the Chiefs, Jets, Browns, Raiders, finishing the season to a realistic 9-7

The Dolphins will win against the Bills, Vikings, finishing the season 6-10, at best they beat one of Jets(H) or Ravens and finish 7-9, I don’t see it.

Bills at 9-7 have good chance at the #6 seed


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