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AFCE Road to the Playoffs

AFCE Road to the Playoffs
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Being the fan of a team that is now battling for draft positioning, I will dedicate the next 6-7 weeks keeping track of playoffs possibilities for the three teams in the division. I must say that it is good to see the division have three teams still fighting at this point in the season.



New England Patriots    

The Patriots rested this week comfortably in first place. I gave them a 5% chance of losing first, only because its not mathematically correct to give them 100%. Bills have a better Divisional record as such they have a slight better chance in unseating the Pats. Patriots will win the division and move on to yet another quest for that elusive SB. Away games to Indianapolis, Green Bay, San Diego and NYJ. Home with Detroit, Miami and Buffalo. I see the Patriots going 5-2, finishing 12-4

Buffalo Bills

The Bills have surprised us all, and yes, losing yesterday hurts, but let’s face it! The season has been a success already. The Bills have a smaller percentage than Miami because of the conference record and the fact they play Miami away. Games away to Miami, Denver, Oakland and New England. Home games with the NYJ, Browns and Packers. Tough schedule left, easier wins against the Jets and Raiders, however the rest are all very tough to win. At this point I expect a 3-4 (unless they beat Miami) finishing up at 8-8

Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins have been here before. Last year they owned their own fate, only to see it evaporate as the team imploded in the last three games. What has changed?

Away games to Denver, NYJ, and New England. Home games with Buffalo, Baltimore, Vikings and NYJ. They as usual split with the Jets, but the rest are very tough games. I expect 3-4 record, finishing the season at 8-8


Its been fun to see these two teams remain in the hunt this long. This Thursday, the game I have labeled the AFCE SB is huge for both, In my opinion, looking at the remaining games and current records, the loser is done as far as the playoffs go.


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