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Championship Weekend Overreactions

The Super Bowl is set. We have our two combatants, one of them is from our lovely division, and it looks like this could be one of the better football games we’ll see in a while. Here’s how it happened:

Packers at Seahawks (Hawks win 28-22 in overtime)

Well now this was a game that will be talked about for years to come. It had everything, some poor back-up tight end is now persona-non-grata in all of Wisconsin and Russell Wilson blames god. I mean that’s how I’d sum up the game if I only had 20 words with which to do so. Lucky for you, The Man hasn’t instituted a word count (yet).

The Packers lost this game in the first quarter when they kicked the second of two field goals from inside the five yard line on 4th and 1. I can understand kicking the first; you’re on the road, in a hostile environment and want to make sure you come away with the lead. But kicking the second one just shows that you are afraid of your opponent and no matter what you do all game, they will have a chance because you will let them. I was fairly confident that the Packers would lose as soon as the scored flipped to 6-0. Then god went and made Russell Wilson throw two more interceptions and the Packers took a 12 point lead into the final four minutes of the game. At this point, I turned to my wife and said, “Your Packers might just pull this off.” And then Mike McCarthy’s brilliance as an NFL head coach shone through and some third string tight end decided he was more qualified to handle a football than Jordy Nelson. Honestly, if I’m Aaron Rodgers, this morning I go into Packers HQ and demand to be traded to an organization not so riddled with incompetence (sorry AFCE fans that rules out Buffalo, Miami and the Jets). Of course god came back around on young Mr. Wilson and guided his Flacco style, eyes closed heave over the moronic cover 0 defense of the Packers right into the not so sure hands of Jermaine Kearse for the win. I caution Mr. Wilson against bringing god into football; if he decided to care about our game, then ‘honest’ teams like the Seahawks and Patriots wouldn’t fare so well…

Colts at Patriots (Pats win in dominant fashion 45-7)

Working at a sports radio station in Boston in the week leading up to a playoff game where the opponent doesn’t deserve to be there is kind of fun. Everyone is doing their best to try and not say anything to offend the opponent (the fear of Belichick permeates everything in new England), saying things like, “The Colts are good, they can give the Pats a game,” or “Just remember, the Steelers had their bags packed for the Super Bowl in 2001.” When deep down everyone knows that the opponent will not get within 30 points. Around here we like to call them “Dan Shaughnessy Memorial Tomato Can” games. The Colts came in to Foxboro last year to get blown out and it just turns out that it was their turn again. LeGarrette Blount now has played in four career playoff games, his stat line reads like this: 62 attempts, 321 yards, 7 TDs. 314 of the yards and all 7 TDs have come in two games against the Colts. That’s all of the analysis you need for this game. The Pats are good and no matter what a second rate team does when they come to Foxboro for a playoff game, it doesn’t matter; the Pats will destroy them with one guy that in any other circumstance is average. You want more examples of the Pats playing chess while Chuck Pagano and company were playing Uno?   OK, how about the fact that the Pats scored touchdowns using a guy that played defensive line at Brown University? Or how about that 16 yd score by that offensive tackle that many of us Pats fans would have gladly sacrificed to a Mayan god on Saturday evening? All in all, the pats are playing some of their best football and have a great chance of winning number four for Mr. Brady. (And back to the whole god thing again, if Russell Wilson really thinks god has a hand in this game he’s doubly screwed. If god cares about individual people, then I think he’s proven that he likes Brady the best of all of his creatures.)


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