AFCE Slick Weekly AFC Championship Game Overreaction


AFCE Slick Weekly AFC Championship Game Overreaction
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There you have it.  For the fifth consecutive year, the New England Patriots played in the AFC Championship Game.  And they now hold a losing record over that span.  The Pats and Broncos played an instant classic on Sunday afternoon, with the game coming down to a two-point conversion try with 12 seconds left (the Pats failed).  So let’s dissect the carcass…


The Pats entered the game as big time favorites among most fans, talking heads and basically everyone outside of Denver.  Had this game been in New England it may have not even been played, the league would have just handed the Pats the win, but most of us sane folks know that crazy shit happens in Denver and crazy shit happened on Sunday…Let’s start with a man who is widely considered to be among the top one or two kickers in the league missing an extra freaking point that would have tied the game at 7.  Are you freaking kidding me?  You missed an extra point in the AFC Championship Game?  And people want to compare that guy to Adam Vinitieri…Yeah, sure…Next up is the apparent mind hole that Tom Brady seems to enter every time he steps into Mile HGH Stadium.  Hey Tom, here’s a suggestion, how about holding off on partaking in the “Local Foliage” until after the game?  The Broncos’ defensive game plan was a thing of beauty, but Brady is supposed to be one of the most cerebral players to ever play the game and he looked like he was reading the field at an EJ Manuel level on Sunday.


Should we even discuss the offensive line?  The firing of the offensive line coach is not enough, these clowns allowed Brady to be hit more times on Sunday than any QB has been hit in any NFL game since 2009, let that sink in.  I’m thinking of sending a set of seven traffic cones to Gillette Stadium, maybe they can even get in the way a little…Marcus Cannon is easily the worst football player that I’ve ever seen on an NFL field and Bill Belichick thought it a good idea to give him nearly $10MM, bad decisions like that are normally reserved for South Beach…


And let’s talk about Mr. Belichick.  You sir, owe the fans of the team an apology.  You sat in your post-game press conference saying things like, “We only play where we are scheduled to play,” well actually you disingenuous prick, this game wasn’t scheduled and if you had not taken the final month of the regular season off, this game would have been played in Foxboro.  So it your fault that you were “scheduled” to play in Denver instead of at home and it’s your fault that your moron of an offensive coordinator didn’t draw up a better game plan and it’s your fault that your team seemingly had no adjustments to make to help keep the QB upright.  And it’s 100% your fault that your offensive line went into the season with the depth of a kiddie pool so when your injury prone tackles and center went down you were caught with your dick in your hand.


Big changes are needed in Foxboro if the Pats want to win another Super Bowl (on the plus side, they almost definitely would have lost to Carolina, so at least Brady won’t get another SB loss on his record).


Final thoughts:


I said in March, when Revis left that the Pats would lose in the AFC Championship game.  I was right.

In a weak AFC, assuming the health of Brady, Gronk and Edelman (a big assumption) the Pats will reach their 6th straight AFC Championship game next year, but without a big addition to the offensive line, they will suffer the same result.


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