AFCE Slick Weekly Overreactions


AFCE Slick Weekly Overreactions
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Preseason Week 3 Overreactions

Week 3, the so called dress rehearsal for the regular season; we saw some good, we saw some bad andwe saw a whole lot of ugly.  Let’s get right to it.


The Jets stink.  That’s just what it is. Fitz looks like he’s going to start the season as the QB, but it really looks like Bryce Petty is the best QB on the roster.  And that’s not a good thing.  The rest of the offense is similarly terrible, the receivers are a group of has beens and never will be’s and the teams “TE of the future” was just put on IR.  The running backs are an average bunch, but they won’t be of much value when the team is down by 35 point due to all of Fitzy’s characteristic pick 6’s.  The defense was supposed to be the saving grace of this team, but outside of rookie Leonard Williams, they’ve all looked like they spent the offseason at Big Suh’s Beachside Burger Bar.  On the plus side, at least the Titans will be worse…


Next up we’ve got the Bills and their newly minted starting QB, Tyrod Taylor.  It’s amazing how a fanbase can be instantly brainwashed into thinking that their QB doesn’t suck just by naming one of three sucky QB the starter.  Well that’s what happened yesterday, after a mediocre performance against a less than mediocre Steelers “starting” defense, Rex decided that he’d seen enough and Tyrodbillsqbs_onaod3ac_kvtdj7bp instantly became a sleeper superstar that everyone had overlooked for his entire career.  Bills fans are so full of hope and optimism, for the first time in decades the city of Buffalo is basking in what appears to be stunning sunshine.  Although most of that is shining out of the backsides of the Bills Mafia… The Bills also decided that now that they have the second coming of Randal Cunningham playing QB, now would be a great time to rip out the heart of the team and release Fred Jackson.  This was a bad move and I contend it will be the move that undoes the team at some point.  Whether it’s because they’ll need Fred on the field when Shady inevitably goes down or they’ll need his leadership in the locker room when Rex’s infectious personality seeps through it and guys start punching one and other in the jaw, not having Fred Jackson will come back to bite the Bills right where those rays of sunshine are emanating from.


Ahh Miami, has there ever been a fanbase so arrogant after achieving so little?  If you talk to most Fin fans these days, they’ll waste no time in telling you how terrible the Jets are and how the Bills have built a house of cards and their best season in the last 15 years was 9-7.  But they always seem to forget that they have only won more than 9 games once in the past 15 years and their house of cards’ keystone is a clinically unstable lunatic who has been removed from more than one game for being crazy and deliberately attempting to injure players and a QB who was a wide receiver just a few short years ago and has never really been consistent in the NFL.  But I forgot that his receiving corps is the second coming of the greatest show on turf according to Fin fans.  Forget the fact that one is a rookie who is currently injured, one is a second year player that came out of relative anonymity to have an average season as a rookie and the rest are cast offs from other crappy teams.  Oh yeah, and the head coach can been seen every offseason working as a mannequin at Macy’s in Milwaukee.


Now the Pats, the obvious cream of the division.  The Pats have looked average this preseason, the secondary has surprised many people, but those Pats fans that are currently smiling, thinking, “See we didn’t need Revis anyway,” are going to be in for a rude awakening come the regular season and Logan Ryan and Bradley “Toast” Fletcher are spinning around like dreidels as opposing receivers fly by them.  I do think the front seven has a chance to be downright beastly is they can stay healthy and Chandler Jones loses the starting job to Jabal Sheard, but it’s a passing league and if you can’t cover, you will give up points.  To that point, it’s a lucky thing that Tom Brady looks likely to play all 16 games this year.  The offense should be just fineas long as Bryan Stork is ready to go come September 10th, Stork is the key to the offense and when he comes back you can rest easy knowing that Brady is safe and Gronk is a freak of nature that cannot be contained.

It’s looking like a fun year, let’s get to the regular season already!            


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