AFCE Slick Weekly’s Overreactions-Week 5


AFCE Slick Weekly’s Overreactions-Week 5
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Whew, what a week. The Pats came back from their bye, the Bills played an uninspired game against the Titans and thank goodness, the Jets and Dolphins had the week off so we weren’t forced to pour acid in or eyes on Sunday evening. Without further ado, here’s our weekly rankings:


In last place, to no one’s surprise we find the Dolphins. The Fins did what we all expected last week and fired Joe Philbin, his replacement may have surprised most. Mr. Soup looks like he might have a ‘roid rage problem on the sidelines the next time Suh decides to laze about doing nothing (so the first quarter of this week’s game). They did also fire that useless lump that they called a defensive coordinator as well. He was replaced by a special teams coach. Well, at least the circus is fun for the kids…


Next up we have the Bills. Sorry Bills fans but barely beating the Titans is considered a loss in my eyes. Couple that with the loss of Tyrod Taylor and you’ve got yourselves a typical, terrible Bills team. The defense will still be good, but nothing short of an all time performance from that unit will save them from an extended absence of Taylor (my god, I can’t believe I just typed that…). The Bills game against the Titans was yet another abortion of a football game in a season of reprehensible NFL football. Hey, at least Rex is fun to listen to…


Next up the Jets. The Jets offense had their best week of the season last week, Fitz didn’t turn the ball over and he managed the bye week as well as anyone could have expected. The defense continues to get stronger as they got Speed Racer back on the line. All in all, if the Jets can win this week against the streaky Native Americans, the playoffs are a real expectation for this team. In a conversation with one of our radio hosts yesterday, I said that the Jets will be the team to beat the Pats in the regular season. So there’s that.


And next we find the New England Patriots. As they say up here in Boston, “The train of tomato cans continues.” The Pats played the severely depleted Cowboys in Jerry’s World on Sunday. They won. Ho hum. They appear to have extended their bye week through the first quarter, but after that they woke up and dominated. Most week’s if an NFL team gave up only 6 points in an actual NFL game people would be excited, but this was the Brandon Weedon led Cowboys, so were they actually good, or do the Cowboys suck that bad. I’m leaning towards the latter. Although it looks as if Darth Belichick used the Dark Side of the Force once again to ensnare the sense of the competition; allowing him to acquire future Hall of Fame players Jabal Sheard and Dion Lewis. Those two players have revolutionized how the Pats play Defense and Offense respectively and may truly make them an unstoppable force. This is the week Pats fans have been waiting for since the schedule was released. Over under on Pats points in Indy this week is about 50. I’ll take the over.


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