AFCE Slick Weekly’s Week 7 Overreactions

AFCE Slick Weekly’s Week 7 Overreactions
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Wow, once again we were treated to a stellar week of AFC East football.  The two titans of the division locked horns in an epic battle for the history books, the previously belly up marine creatures played like hungry sharks and the rampaging herd of majestic bison took one step closer to extinction.  So, without further ado, here are your overreactions:
I think that none will be surprised with our last place team, the Buffalo Bills.  London may not have claimed another head coach, but London may well have sealed the fate of one Rex Ryan.  Rex decided that what his struggling team needed most was not a work week with a business trip at the end, but a short vacation with a pickup game at the end.  So the Bills headed out to London right after their loss to the Bengals last week, so that they could have a day or two to really take in the sights…It showed when the team took the field on Sunday.  The only positive for the Bills was that the combination of the game only being available via Yahoo and the very early hour of kickoff, most of America missed the first half.  Boy was that awful, of course the Bills fought back and Rex has stated before that he’d much rather have a team that fights back and loses than a team that just takes it seriously and wins…Where’s the fun in that?  Losing to the Jags is about as low as an NFL team can get, let’s see if the Bills can turn it around.
Next up we have the other loser of the week; the Jets.  The Jets played hard and were really the first team all year to give the Pats a competitive game.  The league’s #1 defense held the “Greatest Show on Field Turf” to a paltry 30 points and that was by playing just about as good as you can play.  If only the offense could have caught the ball in the endzone, then maybe things could have been different.  Unfortunately Brandon Marshall proved yet again, that he is the perfect Jet; he’s immensely talented and will come up with some decent stats, but when push comes to shove he will Jet things up and lose the game…This week he offered Jet fans with a spectacular two-fer, first he dropped an easy TD pass that could have completely shifted the momentum of the game, then in the final seconds when the jets were set up for a Hail Mary, he decided to run a 40 yard streak so that he could not get back quick enough to get set, thus resulting the final second being run off the clock without the jets getting the opportunity to run their final play.  The Jets are for real and will be a force to be reckoned with for the rest of the year, and if Todd Bowles can get the Jets out of the Jets, this should be fun.
In second place we find the Miami Dolphins and their human steroid of a head coach Dan Campbell.  The Dolphins were dominant for the second game in a row.  Ryan Tannehill was perfect and set multiple Dolphins passing records (thus crossing him off Dan’s Xmas card list) and Jarvis Landry showed why he may have been the steal of the 2014 draft.  Then there’s Lamar “River Jump” Miller, the man that this guy banked his fantasy football season on, decided to catch up over the past two weeks.  Mr. Miller was dynamic, averaging 12.5 yds per carry, if he keeps that up, the Dolphins will never lose again and win the Super Bowl.  I was very close to putting this juggernaut on the top of our little rankings this week because they look nearly unbeatable, then I saw this…I’m sorry, but any NFL head coach that refers to his team as “dude” and “man” is not cut out to sustain success in this league.  It’s going to be intriguing to see the brain-trust of Tannehill and Campbell match wits with Bill Belichick on Thursday, on the plus side, the game isn’t on Sunday so Bill may not have time to install the formation designed to literally make their minds explode.
In first place we have the best team of all time, the New England Patriots.  The Pats played a tough game against the #1 defense it the league in terms of yards allowed and scoring.  Tom Brady threw for 350+ yards and they scored 30 points.  Yeah, that’s what the best defense in the game with arguably the best defensive front and best defensive back in the game can do to this offense when they play about as well as possible.  The Pats were by no means perfect, they dropped no less than five passes (though most of us say that Brandon Lafell alone dropped five) and one of them was an easy touchdown, but that doesn’t seem to matter, god is a Pats fan and he is going to ensure that they win it all again this year.  I mean even when Tom Brady fumbles the ball and is pinned, prone on his back, someone will just boot the ball directly into his waiting hands.  The Pat won’t go undefeated, because that’s just silly to say, but they are head and shoulders better than anyone that they will face this year and will likely see you in the Super Bowl.
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