AFCE Slick’s Week Eight Overreactions

Luciano 11

AFCE Slick’s Week Eight Overreactions
Luciano 11
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Short week this week. Only one winner and two games to discuss, one of them a Thursday night clash between two giants. Let’s get right to it….


In last place we find the team that has made it a habit of infesting the basement every November, the Buffalo Bills. Rex and company got the weekend off, but the stench of their loss to the Jags in England still hangs in the air like rotten Buffalo wings. The Bills’ internal turmoil seems to be building to a head, maybe they can harness it in the right direction, but history says they won’t. Really the only chance the Bills have this year is if Rex can give a “Well, we’re done and out of the playoffs” speech…


Next up we find the former darlings of the division and coach Cam-bo. What a sad effort from the Fins on Thursday night. I mean I really feel bad for the fans, these poor saps spent the entire week believing Dan and his hype, telling pats fans the world over that the sleeping giant has been awoken, never mind that the two game winning streak that they were riding came at the expense of possibly the two worst teams in the league. The Fins were for real and the Pats had better be on notice. Well, we learned pretty quickly that the Fins are not for real and the only thing the Pats needed to take notice of was the something smelly on their shoes after running all over the Fins. Oh well, maybe the Fins are just tired from not being allowed to take naps?


Next up, we have the “playoff bound” Jets. Oh boy, anyone who didn’t see this loss to the Raiders coming needs to take the advice of our friend from across the pond and learn the game. After last week’s game against the Pats took everything the Jets had in the tank, there was virtually no chance that they would fly all the way across the country and beat anyone, let alone the juggernaut that is the Oakland Raiders. The Boys in Silver and Black jut murdered the Jets, leaving them in no doubt who the superior team was. And then the Jets’ entire season was thrown onto flux when the Harvard guy, Ryan Fitzpatrick made the genius decision to slide headfirst (five yards beyond the first down marker), thus straining the ligaments in his non-throwing hand and making him questionable for the next few weeks. In a stunning endorsement of backup Geno Smith, the jets were said to be inquiring on potential starters during the game. Yikes.


And now for the only team in this division really worth discussing; the Pats. The Patriots were backed into a corner by Dan and his sleepy giants, so they did what they had to do. Released a story in the local paper attributing their success in night games to pregame naps and then rolled out onto the field and thoroughly embarrassed Cam-bo and friends. Tom Brady was once again amazing, finding Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman uncovered all game. Dion Lewis spent the evening embarrassing Dolphin defenders, by both spinning around them and leaving them confused in his wake or just plain running them over. And this was the offense not working on all cylinders. The defense was equally as majestic. Chandler Jones has (to my very great surprise) become a very effective pass rusher on all downs, not just 1st and 2nd like he had been for the majority of his career and now leads the league in sacks (the first one he laid on poor Tanny was just vicious) and the rest of the front seven is just silly. Dante Hightower might also be one of the best couple of middle linebackers in the league (funny, two guys the pats actually traded up to get in the first round) and paired with the Freak Jamie Collins it may not matter that the secondary can’t cover anyone. The Pats are coming, and an undefeated showdown in Denver is looking like a reality.


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