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AFCE Week 15 in Review & Links

AFCE Week 15 in Review & Links
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AFCE Week 15

With week 15 complete here is what we learned heading to week 15:

  1. The Jets WON!!!!!!!
  2. The Buffalo Bills WON!!!!!!!
  3. The New England Patriots WON!!!!!!!
  4. The Miami Dolphins ….. lost

What a week! Euphoria everywhere, except where it was supposed to have mattered most, in the hearts of Dolphins fans.

The New York Football Jets proved that they are alive and kicking, and if this season could have been 32 games instead of 16, who knows? The Jets won and the amazing NY Media, well they were their usual. What gets to me is the fools that call themselves Jets fans. When are you going to learn that the back page of the NY Post and Daily News was designed to get a reaction, therefore sales and more sales. The idiots wrote that the Jets don’t even know how to lose, and you fall for it? Shame on you! And when this teams wins, don’t start acting like you are a great fan, you re not!!!!! The Jets played ok, Geno had no turnovers, and the opponent was worst; the result a victory.

The Bills keep on coming, and just when everyone thought that the Packers would come to town and crash them, nope! The Green Bay dudes went home with their cheese heads melted, as the Bills stampeded yet another contender. Buffalo’s defense is stifling opponents weekly, and if they can somehow beat the Patriots in Foxboro, then anything is possible. I just hope that they don’t travel West this week thinking that a victory in Oakland is already in their pockets. The Raiders can surprise you.

The Patriots hosted the Descending Down-Under Sliding Dolphins, and the result? Let me put it this way, when was the last time the Patriots lost at home? The Pats of this year are a scarier team than the last few years, mostly because they have a talented defensive backfield, one they have not had in a while. The Dolphins actually held them in check for the entire first half, but at the beginning of the third quarter, Brady put the team in third gear and down went the Fins. Tannehill fumbled a couple of times and gave up two INTs. The end result was a blow out.

The New Englanders travel to NY (really NJ, but who’s paying attention to that detail?) and play in a game that on paper is as good as a win……….LOL……….LOL…….Please go back a few weeks; exactly two weeks AFTER Patriots fans like to say, they started to play for real (against the Bungles). The following week they traveled to Buffalo and blew them out of the water, then in came the Jets. Rex’s team kept Brady on the bench all game long, but they became FG kings. The end result a booming 27-25 victory for the Pats, and a scare in the heart of every fan west of the Rockies; we all know that in the Rockies, Patriots fans always know the final score before us.This game will into be an easy win for Brady and company.

The Dolphins will be an interesting watch this week. The euphoria came to halt, I wonder if many fans will even be at Sun Death? My interst is more on Philbin. Does he lead a team that has little to play for? Can he motivate them? The result this week may very well be the deciding factor as to whether he comes back for a fourth season or not.


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