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AFCE Week 4 Predictions and Rankings

AFCE Week 4 Predictions and Rankings
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AFCE Week 4 Predictions


Lions@Jets                               Jets: +1.5

The Jets have been a heartbreaking team thus far. Their off-season was to improve their offense, it has. They are moving the ball on everyone, but, inside the 20, things change. For some reason Morty’s calls change and get too conservative in the red zone. It may have to do with having a second year QB running the offense, but if you can trust the kid between the 20s, hell with it, trust him!

For those fools in the NY Media and those residing here at SR, calling for Geno to go? Keep waiting, unless you are blind or a total hater, he is improving.

Keys to a Jets win: First and foremost, keep doing the things that have put this team in the top 10 in total yards. Second, trust Geno in the red zone, let the kid do the same things he’s doing all game long. Third, force the Lions into throwing, teams have had mixed success doing so against these 2nd and 3rd string CBs. Fourth, create turnovers, something that has not been a good trait of this defense thus far.

My outlook: The Jets will be very pumped to win this game, especially because next is a trip out west. This team has moved the ball even without its #1 receiver. The Lions are not a good road team; have not been in years. They have been built to play indoors, and I really think they will struggle this week. If the Jets can convert a few more red zone trips, this is a victory in the makings. It will be very close, but I do believe the Green and White prevail …. Jets 23-21


Bills@Texans                         Bills: +3.0

The Bills began the year with a bang, and have been the best team in the AFCE after three games. The Chargers came to town and put an end to the 0-3 start. This week Buffalo takes on the Texans on the road. Texans very similar team as the Bills, they won two games and got killed on the road against the Giants.

Keys to a Bills win: First of all protect EJ, and the best way to do this, which is also the second key, run effectively. Third, when passing stretch the field out more than they have done so far, this will keep the defense honest and away from the box. Fourth, do not let Fitz have time to perform his magical revenge.

My outlook: Tough road trip for the Bills. The Giants proved that that defense is weak against the run, and the Bills will exploit that. Offensively the Texans scare nobody, but this is a different kind of game. I think the Fitz Factor will play a huge role, as he would love nothing more than to stick to the team that stuck it to him. Texans at home this week will be hard to beat…. Texans 24-20


Dolphins@Raiders                                 Dolphins: -4.0

Dolphins and Raiders are the sacrificial lambs to play in the Goodelll London Bowl. The Fins are coming off their second consecutive bad outing, and the Raiders are yet to beat anyone, should be an old fashion slug fest on display, but hey, what do the British know about the NFL? This is not some pansies riding a horse and hitting some idiotic object with a paddle/stick or whatever the blokes call it.

Keys to a Dolphins win: First, forget last two weeks and all the media made crap (see NY too). Second, get back to running the football, no Knowshon no problem. Third, do not let the Raiders hang around within a score into the fourth quarter, young Carr will bring them back and upset you. Fourth, hell with trying to reinvent the wheel, stop this long pass nonsense, it doesn’t work, get back to slants, short timing patterns, give Tannehill some confidence.

My outlook: Dolphins are in total turmoil at the moment, mostly because stone face is trying his new Belichick approach. This bench Tanney should stop, if you do you are telling Dolphins fans we are shopping for a new QB next season, Moore is not the long-term answer. Leaving the country and all the media maybe a blessing. The way this team wins is with the third key (put the Raiders away early). This defense has to step up and help their anemic offense out. The defense is good enough to take a game over, and the Raiders are the perfect opponent for it….. Dolphins 20-17


Patriots@Chiefs                             Patriots: -3.5

Who ever stole “our” New England Patriots….THANK YOU!

All kidding aside, this team is either slow out of the box or suddenly been hit with a case of dementia. The Patriots have played one decent team, and they were blown out. The defense looks better, but it should when you have faced Tannehill, Cassel and Carr. The OL is a mess just like many of us “not wearing blindfolds” thought. The OL is a constant turn over of bodies; I don’t think I have ever seen a team make so many in-game changes as this one does. This tells me that El Supremo doesn’t like what he has. Scarnecchia was run out of NY and Miami, an din both places the players complained about his methods and communication, thank you for taking him on.

Tom Terrifc looks lost and dazed by all the hits and sacks.

Keys to a Patriots win: First, block, block and then block some more. Second, Tom needs to have a shot of B12 before the game and re-introduce him to Amendola, Dobson, Thomkins and Wright. Third, develop a good hand signal, because the crowd will be loud, very loud. Fourth, execute offensively.

My outlook: Last week Vegas gave this team a 14.5 point advantage, it was an easy bet, because they are having a hard time scoring 15, never mind win by that margin. This week, this newly discovered anemic offense travels to Arrowhead. This is not Minneapolis where the folks are afraid to make too much noise and disturb their neighbor. The Chiefs winning last week was the worst thing that could have happened, these fans now believe their team can get back to that phantom 9-0 start of a year ago, and they will scream. The Patriots have looked out of sync and confused offensively; you can see the frustration on Tom’s face weekly. Unless El Supremo Wannabee, McDaniels has not yet turned on a magical switch, the Chiefs will be able to pressure him, this one may get ugly early …. Chiefs 27-17


Record to date: 6-4


SR Weekly NFL Rankings

Today we launch our first ever rankings as voted by fellow bloggers. I think everyone has made a good effort at keeping it real, without too much patriotism Thanks to all for that.

I intend to make this part of our Thursday afternoon article.


If you wish to participate, I welcome you. Here are a few rules to follow:

  1. Picks need to be emailed to me no later than Wed at 8pm. I need time to tabulate and enter.
  2. If I feel that picks are only being made to boost one team or knock another, I will not use your picks. Keep them real, so that the rankings are real.
  3. If you commit to one week only, I rather you didn’t do it. The best way to keep these consistent is to have the same people every week. I will accept new voters until Wed. Oct 1, then it will be closed.


This was well done by all!

If you wish to see how the votes were casted visit Rankings

Compared Rankings


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