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AFCE Week in Review and Links

AFCE Week in Review and Links
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AFCE Week in Review

With week 132 complete here is what we learned heading to week 14::

  1. The Jets can run but Geno is not allowed pass
  2. The Buffalo Bills are alive and kicking towards respect
  3. The New England Patriots are human
  4. The Miami Dolphins couldn’t stop me running backwards

Season is getting close to the end, and in Jets land , that end couldn’t come soon enough. They decided that Geno will start the rest of the year, and I agree. For some reason, he is only allowed to dress as a QB, but not act like one.

The Jets ran at will against a “holy” Miami DL, to the tune of 277 yards. Any team that does that, should “always” win, unless they forget to pass all together. For the second game this season, the Jets destroyed a run D (the first one was in New England); but for the second time they proved that they cannot win by kicking FGs (especially when you also miss two of them.

I’m not sure what the reasoning is for the lack of passing attempts, but I will give you mine: I think that Geno was forced down Rex’s and Mornhinweg’s throat. Knowing he’s gone, Rex is trying to show Idizik just how much he really believes in Geno. Regardless this is a mess and the owner needs to clean the house, get rid of everyone, including the trainers and the towel guys. Star with fresh smelling towels and move on.

Most had the Bills dead two weeks ago, including many Bills fans, but no, they are still here and tied for second in the division. Also tied with many other teams for the last WC spot. The game was ugly and boring from the start. Mistakes on both sides made it look like the local HS were playing each other. However, the Bills came alive in the second half and prevailed. The road ahead is tough, but this Bills team has done some unexpected things already, and nothing shocks me anymore. I doubt they go to Denver and win, but I wouldn’t be totally surprised if they won

The Patriots went into Green Bay, that huge metropolis on the edge of Lake Michigan, and walked away like everyone else has this season, with a loss. The Packers are tough to beat at home, and the Pats are not quite as good on the road, the result was obvious.

The loss really doesn’t hurt, unless you are a Dolphins dreamer that thinks you are within two games of heaven.

They traveled all week to SD to get acclimated with the left coast, and I don’t see how Rivers instead of Lakes can derail them for the second straight week.

The Dolphins won an important game that keeps them in the hunt for a WC spot. They basically did nothing to win the game, the opponent, the NY Jets did it all for them. However, The Dolphins stayed in that game and finished it, that is all that matters in the NFL, the W. Unfortunately for them, the Broncos and the Jets have exposed their weakness. The DL is simply too small and the LBs are not good enough o make up for it. Teams that have the ability to pass even a little will kill them. The Ravens are a good running team that can also pass well, this is going to be a test, however, the Fins need a huge win this week at home against a direct opponent of the WC race.

Local Recap

The site is having its second Annual Award Drama, and drama we had. It took a bit of bullying and convincing, but most of the regulars are now participants. Lets make it fun!!!!


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