An Actual Mock Draft

An Actual Mock Draft
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With the draft inching closer, it is time for another mock draft and this one should be extra spicy.
New England Patriots: Myles Garrett DE from Texas A&M 
Shocking no one, the Patriots trade Jimmy Garrappolo to the Browns for their 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 1st and their 2017-2027 6th round picks. The Pats use this newly acquired first to get the best player in this draft. Garrett is awfully similar to Jadaveon Clowney in being a freak of nature and after burning that bridge with Chris Long, will need a defensive end. Like always, the Patriots are playing chess while everyone else is playing chinese checkers.
New York Jets of New Jersey: Jonathan Allen DE From Nick Saban’s School of Magical Athletes and Other Things
The Jets are at an all time low. They have no direction to head to and are stuck in Browns territory.  The have nothing on offense and no LBs or DBs. Instead of addressing those things, the Jets will do what they did in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2015: go DL. With Rex still running the Jets 1st round, they will go with the only position they have consistently drafted well and that will be the defensive line. Jonathan Allen is the second best DL in this draft after Myles Garrett and has the flexibility to line up all over the defensive line. With Sheldon Richardson eventually leaving and Wilkerson getting his payday, right now only Leonard Williams is the only lineman actually trying and he is only doing that so he can leave the Jets as quickly as possible and get his 140 million from the Dolphins (no state income tax baby!).  While the wise movie would be going CB or even QB, the Jets have never thought rationally so they will go defense yet again and tank for Deondre Francois.
Buffalo Bills: Reuben Foster ILB from Rawl Tyde Pawl
The Bills defense will be shifting from the horrible disaster which was Rob Ryan to a more comfortable defense that will be more like what they ran with Jim Schwartz. With Zach Brown leaving, the Bills have a hole at LB that needs to be filled for McDermott’s defense to be at 2015 Panthers level. Right now they have Reggie Ragland who isn’t a true three down cover  LB and Preston Brown who is kind of average but can do everything. What they need is their own Luke Kuechly.  Reuben Foster is being compared to Kuechly and is that 3 down LB the Bills need. With a strong middle linebacker who can do everything, the Bills can work around their weakness at safety and thinness at CB.


Miami Dolphins: David Njoku TE from Choke U
Since making the huge mistake of letting Big Play Clay go, the Jets have had a giant hole at TE. They thought Jordan Cameron would fill that hole (some were calling him a top 5 TE on this site) but as expected, he flopped. They traded for Julius Thomas, but unless Tannehill or Jay Cutler is the next Peyton Manning, he will be as useful as he was with Blake Bortles. The Dolphins need a real TE and the only choice that makes sense is Njoku. Njoku is your typical TE who can block and catch and can be moved around the field. He would provide a reliable safety net and help in the run game as the Cutler Fix will be in full effect. Instead of fixing defense, Gase will go with what he knows best.

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