Another Overreaction of Sorts

Another Overreaction of Sorts
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Well it was a week in the AFC East that saw guys get franchised and teams continue to jockey for position in the Off-Season Championship race.  One sat and laid in wait, one team openly pined for another’s player, one team used the media to possibly tell us that they’ve bowed out of the race and (this gets to be included today due to my tendency to procrastinate) one made blockbuster move that can be viewed as a giant step towards the top of the heap, or just a move that makes the team even more of a heap than they are now.


Let’s get after it:

In fourth place, just sitting there on a rocking chair sipping lemonade we find Old Joe and the Miami Dolphins.  The Fins released a couple of guys, but none of any real consequence; unless of course you count the guy that will probably become the Patriots’ next 100 catch guy.  This seems like an odd ploy for the Fins, with all of the new layers of management that they’ve added this offseason, we can be sure they are lurking just below the surface like sharks, not the playful mammals they are.

Now for third place; The New England Patriots.  The Pats made one move over the past week that I personally think was a shrewd move; placing the franchise tag on Gostkowski instead on McCourty.  Here’s why, McCourty is indeed the best available safety on the market this year, but he’s incredibly overrated and not worth anything close to the $9.5 million that the franchise tag would have commanded.  He will get close to that from someone, let’s just hope it’s not the Pats.  Gostkowski on the other hand, is most certainly one of the top five kickers in the game so the money is wisely spent.  Now for the reason I’ve put the Pats at third, the Revis situation.  Once we start hearing “NFL Insiders” that have a pretty good line of communication with ownership campaigning in the media that the player needs to choose between money and winning, I fear the player is already gone.  If the Pats don’t resign Revis, the type of player that they have been searching for since Ty law left, when they are required to spend a lot of money this year per the CBA (the Pats are among the bottom 5 teams in the league in actual money paid to players in the last 4 years) then I give up, we’ll just have to accept that Belichick and Kraft are actually dumb and this team will be the Bucs once Brady retires.

In second place, the New York Jets.  The Jets are really here by default and because we like hearing about how much money the Jets have to spend and all of the top free agents that are going to come play in New Jersey.  It’s gonna be awesome when they only get CJ Spiller and Brandon Gibson.

Now for our leader in the clubhouse (currently by a country mile), the Buffalo Bills.  The Bills made a move last night that can only be classified as interesting.  Rex has got his new truck all warmed up and he’s helping guys move, sending a player that was previously the greatest LB prospect of all time (I’m guessing he’s now just some bum who didn’t play last year) for an oft injured running back that has had the most carries of any player in the NFL over the past two seasons and can’t score inside the 5.  Shady is no doubt a dynamic player, but he’s expensive and could be done tomorrow whereas Kiko is a tremendous player who’s contract is incredibly manageable.  It remains to be seen how this deal will affect the Bills prospects for breaking the streak, but you can’t deny it was a flashy move.


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